Monday, July 25, 2016

Pictures from Inside SQ

Here are a few pics from Opening Day in San Quentin:

7/24/16- Big Rec GGP

By last count, there are 101 people on our email list for the games.  We had 13 show up on Sunday, 15 with the two new guys that were playing catch in the park that we recruited.  Given that ~15% of the people on the list are no longer in the area, that that is a 15.1% attendance rate.  That sucks.  Now I know that summer time, people have travel plans, or whatever, but still, everyone get your priorities straight.  If I had the power to, I would be out there every Sunday.  Some of you still have that power.

Of those that did show up, we were treated to a foggy, humid day in the park.  Didn't get cold until the end, but the temperature never got above 65 I would say.  It was 99 in the East Bay, when I left home.

Carter (President and CEO Fuck Face) started for the homers, and went the distance, matched by Satch for the visitors.  We both threw excellent games, I would say, and had our share of quick, 6-8 pitch innings.  When you have to keep switching out defense, and 2-3 more at bats, it can make a difference.  Chris and I were responsible for the first two runs for our team, it was a good system, he got on, stole some bases, I knocked him in.

The homers were not a bunch of shrinking violets by any means, and had some loud hits, but our defense proved to be better, definitely the difference when you are trying to conserve energy.  I will also say that the homers sub in for us at 2nd made at least 4 put outs on line drives.  That helps too.

The game got to 8-4 and there it stayed for the latter innings.  In the 9th, after shutting us down, the homers made a play for the win, but fell woefully short, with two runners on, and the score 8-6, Greg strode to the plate,  talking a big game, sneering at Satch, and then hit a two-hoppity comebacker to me, for the final out.

Final- Visitors- 8-6.


* Special thanks to Nassir and Bukkari, for playing the whole game with us.

* Carter threw an excellent game, cap tip!

* Thanks to Ed, Bob, Don, and Gaspar for doing the catching

* Gaspar did what he does best, took 5 pitches, fouled off 4 more, then amazingly, drilled a ball up the middle

* Elvin had a frustrating day at the plate, with one exception of a clean hit to left

* Bob got hit in the hindquarters early on, Official!

* Had Lattig's number with the off speed

* Bukkari had a triple after a couple of strikes outs.  He switched to the left side, and drilled a single, but blew a hammy on the swing

* Powell hit with authority all day

* I had a triple myself, after striking out, as promised

* Bukkari had a couple of throws that were so far off line due to his frustration that one had to wonder what he was throwing at

* Powell had more bad hops at his face than I can remember, both at SS and 1st.  He also hit a ball that took a wicked third hop, going over Randy's head

* Carter had a big wallop on a grooved fastball

* I managed to not cover 3rd properly all game.  In my defense, it was unoccupied a lot....We had someone nailed at 3rd on a throw from left, and by the time I caught the ball, my forward momentum was too much, and when I tried to turn to apply the tag, it was too late.  Someday I will remember....

* More than one play where the ball fell out and the baseman had to scramble to pick it up with his bare hand while keeping his foot on the bag for the out

* Not one passed ball for Bob (or Don), he wanted that pointed out

* Thanks again to everyone that made it out, hopefully we will have a swell in attendance as summer winds down.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

7/16/16- MBC vs. SQ All-Stars

We missed our game in June, due to the Warriors game 6, which the inmates said they would rather watch than play us.  We tried not to take offense to that.  So there we were, on Saturday morning, the freezing wind whipping and and fog curling over the coastal range.  The guard at the gate tried to throw a scare into us, saying that they would cancel the game if the fog came in any more, and started to block the guards' view of the yard.  That would be some fog....

Only nine brave souls were present for the MBC, but we were a determined bunch.  We were also a error-prone bunch.  Needless to say, most of our outfielders preferred to play any position other than outfield.  That's what happens when you staff a team with 4 second baseman.  But we made the best of it.

The real surprise of the day was the ranks of the SQ team had been decimated by people quitting the team, most notably Dewey, the fireballing pitcher.  I wasn't the only one that probably was relieved that we would be facing someone, nay, anyone, else.

The first play of the game was marred by one of the most egregious bad calls we have experienced inside.  Powell hit a ground ball and beat the throw by a step and a half.  The field umpire called him out, and I guess the plate umpire didn't see it.  But everyone else did, and we have never had so many players from the other team come over and apologize after a bad call...The umpire must have had somewhere else to be; he was replaced in the fourth inning.

Satch started for the MBC and went the distance.  It was probably a 150-170 pitch endeavor, I'll get to the details in a second.  It was great that we actually got to play 9 innings, for some reason I thought that yard time had to be done by 1pm, but apparently, it is the soccer game that ends the baseball prematurely on Saturdays.  And the soccer players never showed up.  One thing that did show up was a gusty wind that blew dirt into every crevice of the game, and several times an at bat had to be stopped so the dust cloud could pass through, and every one could make sure that they could see before the game was resumed.

Long story short, we made a lot of errors and walked a few, and the other team walked a lot of batters, and made a few errors.  So we both played a less than clean game, but it was a great time!  Other than when you think you got an out locked up, only to watch it clang off the glove.  The scoreboard official gave us a tally of 7 errors for the game, but I know it was more than that.  Ed, in particular, had a rough day, and by his own admission made two errors on one play, but only one error was counted on the board.  So that is the kind of defense we had.  That being said, we had some great plays as well!  Abe made a double play on a weird ground ball to third, he tagged the stealing runner just before the base and then threw out the batter.  McGrath had about 14 opportunities at second base and successfully completed 11 of them.  I will take those percentages any day of the week.  Powell went to the hole a few times and made some great grabs.  Richie....I don't think he had a ball hit his way all day....

We fell into a deep hole the first few innings, and the score was about 8-1, but slowly crawled our way out of the mire, and with the help of the erratic pitching and some timely hitting we made a valiant comeback to what we thought was an insurmountable lead.  Going into the ninth inning, the score was 16-12.  No problem, we thought.

Needless to say, the final score was 16-15, with the tying runner on third base and the winning run on first.  Phew.....


* Everyone on the team contributed something.

* Chris had our first hit, regardless of how it was called.

* At one point, the scoreboard showed us with 10 runs on one hit (the first real hit was Duane)

* Speaking of, Duane had a bum ankle, and watching him swing,he would wince each time he missed it.  Then he would get on base, refuse a sub, and steal second and third.  We were all confused.

* McGrath made the most of some very squirrly plays at second.

* The wind played hell with pop ups all day

* But the knuckleball worked great with the wind

* Abe was the victim of the hidden ball trick at second, after having a great hit.

* I had a single and a double, but the only RBIs I got were on a fielder choice which scored 2.....

* Between the bad call, the other bad call on tag play at first, Powell was convinced the umpire had it in for him

* The new rule is that no ball is considered dead in the outfield, except if it hits someone or gets lodged somewhere.

* My line for the day: Nine innings pitched, probably about 14 hits, 6Ks, and 4 walks ( I may have boasted 2 walks elsewhere, but 4 is more accurate). No hit batsmen, which may be a first for me in SQ.  In fact, neither team hit anyone.

* We were lucky enough to get an out on a interference play when someone in the dugout picked up one of our many throwing errors at third.

* Struck out twice, which is always fun.  The second on a perfect out of the strike zone breaking ball.  I would say at least I swung, but no one would say that if they saw the swing....

* The SQ team has some awesome new uniforms and hats.  Hope we can purchase some at some point.  For those of you that gave money to Ed already for a SQ hat, hopefully he remembers who you are....from 3 years ago....

* The fourth pitcher SQ used was great, they should have brought that guy in sooner.

* I had about three comebacker balls that I came within an inch of catching, I heard them buzz by, but just couldn't grab em!

* The best part of the SQ game is playing a hardball game against a great group of friendly competitors.  The worst part of the SQ game is the hour on either side that we all wait for the SQ uniforms and gear to be checked in and checked out. There has to be a more efficient way.

Here is a link to the write up of the season opener, courtesy of Marcus Henderson, who sat with us for most of the game, and kept us abreast of the news of the Q:

Don't look back,

S. Paige

Friday, July 8, 2016

7/3/16 Fourth of July Doubleheader

What a day for a couple of ballgames.  It was sunny when we started and frigid by the time we ended.  Game started promptly at 11, first pitch.   Elvin and his friends brought out the big guns, canopy, reclining chairs, all the necessities to help us make it a great day.
The teams fell out, approximately 15 on each side, and in attendance were several of the old guard, including Mr Johnny Bartlett, who took the third sack and brought Boudin sausages, natch.

Most of the specifics escape me, so I will try to do a recap and highlights as I remember them.  First and foremost, the final scores.

Game 1: Final Score: Visitors- 15-8

Game 2: Final Score Visitors- 10-8

The first game was a well contested affair until the end when the wheels came off for the homers.  Greg started for the homers and Lattig for the visitors.  Some great defense, and not too many problems with the constant change of players, to allow for everyone to play the same amount. Though on the losing squad, Brian Phelps got the hit of the game, with an the in-the-park home run, to deep right.  Apparently he was mocked at the plate by Bob about getting a real hit, rather than another chickenshit opposite field hit.  Way to kick the hive, Bob.

The BBQ was great as usual, helped in part by the families that came out to support their players and helps organize things.  Elvin's friends, as I mentioned were also very helpful with a range of things.  Mike Lattig gave  very nice speech to welcome the newest AOY to the club, Mr. Mitchell Burnham.  True to his laid back (off the diamond, at least) nature, Mitch's speech consisted of, "Thank you, guys."

We started the second game, Satch going for the visitors and Tony for the homers.  I threw 5 innings, gave up two runs, had a few strikeouts, felt good, got a K on a knuckleball, which is always fun.  I bowed out to John Carey and Mitch took over for the homers.

Going into the last few innings of the second game, the score was 10-3 and the homers mounted a huge comeback that almost worked, John Carey was on the mound, and the homers were taking their walks.  However, someone forgot to tell the high school kid that everyone was taking walks, and with the tying run was on 2nd, he chose not to walk, thinking that he would be the hero.  Instead, the final out was recorded and the visitors had won both games.


* JT brought his family out, and then had the best day of his life at the plate, putting on a hitting clinic, going 5-5 in the first game, and nearly the same in the second.

* Mitch was duped by Milo, who made him throw 38 pitches on a batting practice before the 6th inning, entirely ruining Mitch's ability to throw strikes from 60 feet.  Milo, amazingly, had the gall to tell Mitch afterwards that he would have swung sooner if he had thrown him anything worth hitting.  We all got a little nervous that Mt. St. Burnham would erupt, but luckily, he kept his cool.

* Sean rung up Milo with an extreme "YERRR out" call at third on a pick off play, sending Milo into a huge funk.  Sometimes we need to remember that kids take this stuff more seriously than we do....

* I managed to hit the ball to the same place almost every time, luckily that place was deep left center.  Finally, the outfielders started playing me at 390

* This is about where Phelp's HR landed

*  John Nero came home, I don't know if it is for good or not.

* In addtion to the AOY awarding, other awards given: Sean received the Best Dressed award, and Elvin (left-handed) was awarded his second Rookie of the Year,.  Most Improved was not awarded, as no one improved.  The Deserter trophy should have gone to everyone who ever moved to Portland.

* Chris Powell stole every base he could

* There were a lot of bad throws to first, including several from the outfield  courtesy of James who was trying to throw everyone out at first

* The soundtrack for this year's game included: Django Reinhardt, Lester Young, Bill Evans, The Stooges, and Vince Guaraldi.

* Some broken bats, including Bob's which broke completely off at the handle.

* Elvin had quite a few hits

* The food was a step up this year, seaweed salad,  several types of sausages.
   * The food was a step up this year, seaweed salad,  several types of sausages.

* Bob was hit his first at bat.  And then again.  And then John got grazed. its a family affair

* Thanks to all the catchers of the day

* And the weirdest part of the game, a man in a Technicolor trench coat led a goat across the outfield in the latter part of the second game.  If you don't believe me, here is the evidence....Freedom!!!!