Monday, June 10, 2024

6/9/24 GGP

Well, it was a game.  From the out, I could tell that it was going to be a rough one.  We had no one playing a position that they felt really comfortable with, besides JT at 1st and Don behind the dish.

I had brought out the 2 boys, and they did their best, but it is hard to be 10, 12 year old competing with grown ups.  They always want me to check in with the opposing pitcher to make sure that they don't get gassed at the plate.  Sean did a great job of giving them pitches to hit, and he also did a great job of not letting any of the rest of us get hits.  I think we had one runner get to 3rd the whole game.  I know for myself I hit into 2, yes 2, double plays to end innings.  Personal best!

I pitched for the visitors, felt ok, managed to pitch to my defense for the most part.  We did not catch an infield pop fly the entire game.  Kenball made several great plays in left field, he was the only outfielder to catch a ball for us.  

The home team started scoring runs and just kept it up.  The score was a soft 8-0 by the time we tried to even the teams, and even with a Mitch for Bob/JT trade didn't do anything to help us.  We finished by the 7th inning, as we are running out of steam and players.


* Thanks to everyone who came out

* I counted busted knees, busted shoulders, busted hips, and bad ankles playing out there

* The foggy overcast was a nice change from triple digits

* Don did a great job blocking the ball, which I was throwing consistently in the dirt.

* JT smothered a ball at first, and I had to hustle to cover 1st after it became apparent he was not going to be getting up off the ground.  We got the out!

* Ken's running catch in left field was amazing

* The homers agreed to play with 2 outfielders to give us a chance, it did not make a difference.

* Tim went up for a fastball that was purposefully thrown way above his hands, and smashed it for a hit

* New guy also battled hard and got himself a hit

* New guy Darius got a nice hit