Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More pics from Double Header 2013

7/14/13 Big Rec

A game was held, that is all I know at this point.

S. Paige

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7/7/13 Doubleheader- Big Rec

One of our best traditions here at the MBC is the doubleheader.  In recent years, we have added awards, speeches, kids activities and plates and silverware, and non-meat grill options.  Its really something now.  I added a few new tunes to the playlist and the first song was a rare surfing song for Johnny, who we all hoped would make an appearance.

This year was no different, we started bright and early at 11 am in the east diamond of GGP.  Thanks again to Bob and Greg for securing our permits, and to every one who came out and supported the games, brought food, enjoyed themselves.  We had a PA address system, per Mr. Sidawi's request, and we took turns making the calls, some of us with the quiet dignity befitting the national past time, others like it was Wet T-Shirt night at the Monster Truck Rally.  The hardest part was trying to remember everyone's last name.

The first game was a grudge match turned laugher which pitted Phelps against Satch, the ingredients for a real barn burner.  And it was a classic pitchers duel for the first three innings, we were dealing.  Then, someone hit a ball to the outfield and that was it.  Hit after hit, error after error, we couldn't buy an out for a while.  Meanwhile Brian was pitching like he had dedicated the game to some kid with cancer, we couldn't touch him.  The homers kept piling up the runs and we kept hitting weak balls right at people.  We both bowed out after the 7th, to keep it fair, and by then the damage was way past being done.  Final score 17-4 ( very soft 17-4, I might add.)

We started the grills in the 7th and began to cook up the good eats that people had brought, Brian had his infamous pulled pork, Bob brought steaks, Nero purchased a new mini-weber and deemed all meat products as personas non gratas (my latin is terrible and ill used).  There were salads, and sides and beer and more beer.  And Johnny!  And Lynn!  And his boudin sausages!  And a little red wagon!  What more could one as for???  He looked great, he played catch, he cooked sausages, he looked ready to throw 12 innings if needed (Lynn made sure to caveat that he was there as a spectator only! Understandable.).  Definitely our MVP of the Day!

The awards ceremony began, and I was unable to catch all of it, as Mrs. Paige and Lil Satch were showing up and needed to be out of the car, so I volunteered to park for her.  Here are the 2013 awards winners:

Most Improved- JT Tiemann
Best Dressed- Daniel Dotterer
Toughman Snyder Award- Greg Snyder
The Deserter- Carter Rockwell
HSCS- Horseshit Cocksucker Award- John Nero
AOY 2013- Will Rockwell (accepted by by his brother, who can share the honors, as WillorCarter)

For those who might be confused, many of our awards are tongue in cheek, or goofy ways to celebrate our rag tag group.  Please don't take offense, obviously we can't give Asshole of the Year to the person who we actually think is an asshole, so we give it to someone who can take a joke.

The take home message here is learn how to take a fucking joke.

Game 2- The teams were mixed up, and Dustin Skiles, fresh off 6 months of knee rehab started, and looked like he was making a great recovery.  He and Noah were a battery, which of course means that every call was in thier favor and there was no questioning.  Luckily, Doc showed up and kept the game in check.  Dustin did the smart thing and stopped after a few innings, so as not to aggravate.  Noah came into pitch, as did Greg, Mitch, Tony, Chris Powell.  Sorry the memory fades a little on the second game.  I know that it was a much closer affair, and that the homers won.  Happy to add anything that people remember.

All in all a great day, the first game was hot and sultry, the second was a bit chilly, but such is a standard day in San Francisco.

Happy 4th of July Doubleheader to all!


* Food and drink were excellent

* Robin came out and had both a hit and an RBI!

* Dani and Jen also made an appearance, though in a fan capacity only, it was great to see them

* John Carey was 4-5 against me, including two doubles (one that may have been foul, but his old man was calling the game, and I would have done the same thing.)  Either way, great to see him, he has learned well and superseded his teachers in the MBC in all levels, except maybe in alcohol consumption...but that is a good thing.

* Jay came out and shot pictures, before his hot date, and Phelps also caught some great snaps

* Brian and I both struck out looking in the first game, against one another.  Fair.

* Dennis appears to still be juicing, and we suspect there may be a portrait in his attic growing old as we speak

* Richie caught for the first time in quite a while

* I made two pretty nice defensive plays at SS, one barehanded that was completely egregious, but looked oh so pretty.

* Elvin once again was in the midst of it all, he is shooting for AOY 2014, me thinks.

* Thanks to all who caught, catching during a double header is rough sometimes

* Mitch made a number of plays where he didn't really have to move.  He knows exactly where you are going to hit it.

* In the midst of a very long inning I caught a foul ball that was between me, Duane and Bob.  Luckily the collision was mild.

* more to come....?

S. Paige