Monday, April 27, 2020

Shelter in Place Day #41

Hey all,

Sorry I have not been able to write much, one would think this would be a perfect time for musings and quips about baseball, life, etc.  Unfortunately, the etc. has taken a lot of time to do recently.  I hope this entry finds you all healthy and well, secure in your domiciles, oiling your gloves, re-taping your bats, practicing your slides down the hallway (one of the benefits of living in SF, slippery hardwood floors are perfect!)

I spoke with Greg this weekend, he is good, still working.  He let me know that there was some rumblings about attempts to have some kind of "wildcat" game on a local field.  While I respect the love from which this idea was sprung, I think we need to all be adults for a little longer.  It pains me to say, especially if the weather continues to be this beautiful, but the longer we go without the game now, the more likely we will have a functioning game in the future. 

Plus, we don't want our game to gets its first real press coverage as a bunch of 40-50 year olds yelling BAIL! while scrambling around as the cops descend.

So what to do?  If you have kids, you don't have time to answer those sort of questions, you have been trying to figure out which of the many platforms that the teacher emailed to you is the one that has the Phonics homework on it....

For the rest of you, I hear it has been a challenge to stay engaged while not being able to play baseball.  In Don's case, he has resorted to playing with himself in GGP.  Sad.

I have had a couple of "spirited" Zoom conversations with some friends, and one of our topics was baseball cards, and the relentless common cards that we have many boxes of.  So as a little apertif to your day, here are few of my old favorites.

1. This really takes the cake of What the Fuck is going on in baseball in the 80s?
Glenn Hubbard Snake Card Bobblehead Giveaway

2. There are guys that don't look like ball players, and then there is Kent Tekulve.

Baseball Card Database - Kent Tekulve 1984

3. This one grabs and doesn't let go....

Paul Walker

4. This one is cliche at this point, but still gotta include it

Billy Ripken

5. The White Sox are gonna be great, they got [insert name here] and he mashes!

6. I love the Sevarb baseball team!

1989 Upper Deck Dale Murphy PSA 10 #357 Reverse Negative

7. You sir, are no Barry Bonds

1987 Donruss Opening Day Barry Bonds Johnny Ray Error - PSA 9 Mint - Centered

8. " I would like the Al Leiter please.  No, not that one, the other one."

9. You are cool, but you ain't 1975 Oscar Gamble cool.

10. No shit.  This guy opened the LRP Sports Kingdom in my hometown, Placerville, CA in about 1987.  He was the go-to for all the little league belts and socks.  It was a real mish-mash of stacked cardboard boxes full of baseball pants and soccer jerseys, and other random sports gear.  He had all his cards on display....

11. This seems like a good place to end...

Friday, April 3, 2020


Well, if there is some sort of higher power, he/she/it has had the MBC's back for a little while now.  Every Sunday since our world got turned fucked up-side down, it has been forecast to rain, rained, or been too wet to play....-ish. Maybe we could have squeaked a soaker game in, but mostly it's been a typical spring.

Not much we can say other than I know we all wish that the world was healthy again so that we might enjoy our little game.  But the greater good needs to take precedence still for a bit.

If you have a backyard, find a family member to play a game of catch.  Or find a deserted park.  We have a pretty serious backyard wiffle game going here in the 'burbs. 

Hope this finds you and your families all healthy and well.  Stay close, wash your hands, and thank a front liner whenever you can.

Don't look back,