Monday, January 23, 2023

1/22/23 The Alpha Game of 2023


It's been a minute.  I bowed out in early November to get my cyborg update, and from all I could gather, there were not many games played between then and now.  The winter holidays fell on consecutive Sundays for the first time in a while, but there was no playing that could have happened anyway.  The rain was constant, relentless, and frankly, unlike anything we have seen before.

It finally dried out this week, but all the parks remained closed in SF, save the big field at GGP.  And even that, we played with a caution tape barrier running the length of the 3rd baseline, protecting some new grass.  But we were playing baseball again, including Satch, excited to be on a field again, and anticipating a pain that gets better each day, rather than worse.  I told Greg to not let me pitch, even if I told him I could.  He agreed, that is a true friend.

Sean was in charge for the homers on the bump, and looked like classic Sean.  Nick W., hobbled by pain was still up for starting the game for the visitors, though his shoulder was acting up before he even started.  He was hoping that pitching would loosen it up.  It did not.  

Somehow we scored two runs off of Sean in the 1st inning, something I don't recall happening too often, and the RBI machine driving those runs in was Greg, the other cyborg.  I remarked that I was elated if that is what I have to look forward to.  The game was a truly a see-saw battle.  WE scored another, and then the homers came back and made it 3-2.  Back and forth it went.  The entire squad had at least one injury, Mitch took over after Nick's arm went kaput, and though he had also said his arm was blasted before the game, he was pitching well.  He even had a sub-10 inning!  I don't know where all these injuries were coming from, since we have not played ball in a month, tough holiday merry making, I suppose.

Meanwhile, the homers stayed with Sean, who had some nasty filth working for him, and they were keeping the bats alive, including Marcie with a RBI shot up the middle, and Chris Powell, who hobbled in the ankle, was still lining balls to the outfield.  Greg followed Mitch, and Brian Phelps closed out the deal for the visitors, while Sean stayed strong until he was ready to hand over the reins to Dave, who was throwing his usual high and tight gas and then for the finale, they brought in HR to slam the door.  

We had the lead, and then lost it, then retaken it, and then the homers tied it up at 7, in the bottom of the 8th inning.  They weren't done though, scoring two more runs to make it 9-7 going into the 9th.  We failed to produce another run rally, and the game ended victorious for the homers.


* Great to see everyone, and be seen.  

* Ice everything people, we look like the walking wounded out there

* Great pitching Sean, including a nasty changeup on a battled 1-2 count, I think I fouled off 4

* Great job behind the dish from Bob, Greg, Mike N, and Mike G

* I caught Bob's line drive to right, only because I did not have to move.  Everything tensed up, and hurt, but I stayed still and caught it.

* Two new guys Carlos and Reynaldo were great in the outfield, including 2 running catches!

* Luciano was out and playing hard

* Adam made an amazing play at 1st, in the very first inning, on a hot drive from Sean, and he made it look easy.

* Greg's bunt late in the game was an unexpected and effective play from the old tactician.

* JT arrived after the start, and promptly put on a hitting clinic

* Phelps and Mike N made a great play at home, to get a runner that was threatening our lead

* Don came out late in his cool guy clothes, and made a gift of a glass bat display to the team

* I tattooed a ball off of HR in the 8th, and only because Sean was playing center, and at about 385 ft, did he track it down.  Greg had no belief that it would be caught off the bat, and was well on to 2nd, by the time he realized what had happened.  He scrambled back but was doubled off, but not before the runner at 3rd had gotten home. The good news is that it became a sac fly, since the out at first was not a expected force play.

* Greg laid out to try and catch a pop up, almost had it!

* Bob got hit twice, a fortuitous start to the year, congrats on your multi-hit game, Bob! :)

* Phelps made a awesome play at SS, no small feat for a lefty

* The homers turned at least 2 double plays

Thanks to all that made it out, it was awesome to see everyone!

Happy 2023.