Friday, January 28, 2011

Impending Rain and Nike shoe deal

So it looks like rain, just on Sunday mind you, so all of you who think God is a loving, caring type, you can pretty much throw that out the window. That being said, unless it is pouring, I still plan to be out at West Sunset at 12:30 pm, ready to go.

So lots of questions about Duane's buddy who was out at the Marina taking footage, it turns out that he compiled some of the stuff into a little 30 second Nike-esque commercial spot, starring the loyalist of the MBC. It sure looks professional, much more so than the players who populate it....

In any case, here it is, enjoy! Sorry for the change in blog appearance, but in order to view the footage in wide screen it was necessary. I can change it once we get some more entries.

That's something huh? Imagine if it catches on, we can all quit our day jobs and play ball all year, we could be the new Washington Generals!

S. Paige

Monday, January 24, 2011

1/23/11- West Sunset

Man, these dog days of January, huh? Sun beating down on you, the lightest of breezes, really makes you wonder how we can take it. I should shut up now, lest it start raining again for three weeks. So the day was beautiful, we had 26 people at least, the field was in great shape, and we ended up having a good little game. The defensive plays alone were amazing, one of our better games for web gems.

Sean, back in form, moustache intact, was dying to get on the bump, and commanded the hill well while he was there. I offered Greg the starting position but he said behind the dish was where he belonged, so I again started for the homers. And what a lineup I faced, Kvoriak, Mitch, Noah and Duane aside, the visitors also had every power left hander in a row, all of them drooling at the the West Sunset 299 foot right field fence.

We homers drew first blood though, and capitalized on the lead to get out in front 3-0. It was more than we thought we would ever get against a well rested Sean. And then suddenly they laced four hits together and then I got two strikes on Ben, also out for his first game in a long time, and for some reason thought it was a good idea to throw a softball changeup for strike three. Ben tagged it and the visitors were off and running, to the tune of 3-2. By the time the dust had settled, it was all tied up at 3.

Greg and Noah stepped in to the feeder roles, and we took the lead with two runs in the 8th, and held the visitors scoreless for the next two frames. Of course, we had to play extra innings with the day being as it was. So we played on, and on and on, through the 12th. It never got any closer in score, and the final may have been 7-4? It was all lost in the beautiful day, the good times, lots of baseball.


* Ed had the defensive play of the game, a running over the shoulder catch in center field, almost completely stretched out. It definitely saved the lead

* Rich also had an amazing play in right, a shoelace tumble catch

* Loren had an over the shoulder catch at second, in the sun

* Greg picked off two runners, Mitch and Sean! Not the two easiest baserunners....

* I worked the right side of the diamond almost exclusively at the plate, and had an epic battle with Sean, through two full counts.

* No one was killed with the foul ball rockets that Rich was sending.

* I have to compliment the outfield on the homers, everyone did great job, catching the balls that needed to be caught.

* Loren caught most of the extra innings, which was needed, thanks!

* There was a spectacular play at home to nail Noah, who was trying to give the visitors the lead.

* There were several other great cut-off throws and close plays at every base

* Cheers to everyone who stayed through to the end, I know it was getting pretty tiring by the end

* The return of James, Rob, Anthony, Ben, Lattig! One back from show business, one back from laziness, one back from tour, one back from injury, one back from work/illness/rain...Welcome Home!

* I had a pretty good knuckleball working, and actually struck out one looking with it. Anytime it's a go to pitch, is a good day in my book

* Also had a streak of calling out the fielder that was going to get the next ball. Sometimes you just know

* Jeers to everybody to stayed home, inside, watching football on a day like that. And have we decided to start game sooner to make room for Superbowl, or are we deciding that football sucks and leaving it at 1pm?

* Rules Question of the game: Does a baserunner, who stays in the path, have to stop and allow a fielder to get to the ball, or can he continue towards the next base? Mainly does he have to get out of the way, or is it a free for all?

Same field, same time, see you there.

S. Paige

Monday, January 17, 2011

1/16/11- Moscone Field

Play Fucking Ball.

We got to the field just in time to see the morning fog burn off, and the sun came out in glorious splendor. 20-21 players showed up, a few from the game that concluded before we take the field, others who enjoyed the great game we had last week. Johnny and I squared off again, and both of us went the distance. It felt great to throw a full game, and amazingly, I feel like I could throw a few more today. Well, maybe.

From the looks of the visitors, there was trouble brewing from the beginning, as they had a stacked lineup with Rich, he of the scary swing last week, Rick Kvoriak, Duane, Bob, all of them capable of hitting the ball a long way. And pretty much all of them did. Satch got lit up like a Christmas tree for the first few innings, probably more focused on feeling the good warm on my shoulders than thinking through my pitches. Also, I was throwing the curve ball too hard, and not letting it break.

In any case, not only was I throwing steaks to the wolves, us homers couldn't get a run to save our lives. We could get hits, or at least errors, but Johnny and his defense stymied us at every turn to keep us from the home plate. Meanwhile, the visitors were tacking on runs at a nice little clip.

Finally we got into the runs business, and started our slow ascent. We also managed to slow the visitors down and play some solid defense. We also were helped by some timely errors and well placed swinging bunts. When the dust had settled, we headed into the 9th inning, with the score standing at 7-6, visitors. Satch reached down for the reserves that had built up with 3 previous innings throwing changeups and slow curves, and threw an inning of closer ball. Now all we had to do was score a run or two. But it was Johnny's day, and although we made it interesting, he closed the book on us for good.

What's this? Exhibition game, why not! It's only 2:45....

Game II

Greg and Bob took the mound for a little 3 inning game, and we all enjoyed the extra time that we had, out in the sun. We had lost a few players, and by the end, the visitors still had 9, but we were down to 7. Bob, fresh from lost of BP practice for the little leaguers, kept it around the plate for every one but John Nero, and did a very respectable job. Greg was aching to get to the bump, and was dishing out his best stuff, including a couple of nasty curveballs that he got squeezed out of....

We scored first and then another. The visitors got one on the board, but never could capitalize beyond that. The fatigue started to show on the faces, and we ended the 3rd inning and packed up our gear. Thanks for everyone who stayed, and played.


* Tim played a total of 20 innings yesterday, as did the other league guy, thanks for sticking around, guys!

* Bob was HBP, on the second pitch of the game, it was a knuckleball, right in the ass. Everyone relaxed, 2011 was going to be aaaaaaallllllllll right....

* Johnny threw a great game, and I am honored to have been a part of the challenge, he deserved a win.

* Pretty much the only guy that didn't kill the ball off of me was Kvoriak, probably because he is the one I am always worried about. I had plenty of other people to worry about

* Elvin had a number of good plays at 2nd and then a few more put outs in left. All of which we really needed, nice work!

* Nero took one off the dome in the first inning, glad he was alright. He also kept playing, rock solid.

* Chris made an amazing play at SS, and just barely missed two others, all of them diving plays. We decided that fielding at .333 is a Golden Glove in the MBC.

* Ed played another solid game behind the dish, and had a nice double down the line.

* Rick pounded one in the second game, real gonzo style.

* I got a hit with the bat that I hit with in high school, it came into my possession because I kept playing after my buddy stopped. Its a 33 1/2 x 28 1/2 Easton. They don't make em like that anymore. Its in the team bag, check it out.

* Congratulations, I think just about everyone on the visiting team got a hit off of me.

* We had a photographer and audio engineer at work during the game. Which is great, as long as we get copies of everything. I think they were out there to document Duane, also known as "Bigtime."

* I also received my Bad Sportsmanship trophy finally. I would like to thank everyone and invite them all to kiss my ass. Just remember, it could be yours next year, you just have to walk that narrow line between pissed and grumpy.

Next week, West Sunset, 1 pm. Hope you all can make it.

S. Paige

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Addendum to Last Week- Crocker Amazon

I forgot to mention that Bob did in fact rob Tony Rojas of a sure fire double as well as make some other amazing plays at 1st.

Sorry Bob, I should have remembered.

S. Paige

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/9/11- Crocker Amazon

Joyous rapture!!!!! Baseball!!!!! No Rain!!!!! Extra Innings!!!!!

First game of the new year, 2011. We collected early at the C.A. field, Johnny and I were there by 12:30, hungry and ready to go. The team trickled in, at first we were a little apprehensive, but by the end we had 10-11, so there was plenty for all. The day was warmed than we thought it would be, although when the temp dropped, everyone felt it right away.

Satch and Johnny squared off in a classic match-up. While we missed Sean, it was generally agreed upon that not having to face him was like being on vacation, the general rule being, if you don't strike out against Sean, its been a successful trip to the plate. We dueled for a few innings, with no score, helped by some great defensive plays. Mitch and Tony finally got the homers on the board and the visitors quickly closed the gap. The visitors were sporting some major league power with Loren (who hit a home run later) and one of Duane's buddies (who looked almost hit a home run later). The game stayed close at 2-1,3-2, 4-3.

The visitors tied it up on a close play at the plate, with Duane on third, he broke for home on a passed ball. Gaspar bounced on it, after it hit the backstop, and flipped it to me. I tagged high and I thought I got him, but the census said no. Ok.

Satch bowed out after 7, Greg came into mop up, and then Tony, and then Greg again. The same happened with the visitors as Brian Phelps pulled himself off the mound in the middle of the inning and Johnny came back to finish.

By the latter part of the game, Tony and I had decided that we were playing 12 innings, since the day was still young, and we had plenty of people, of course, then the homers went on a scoring spree, and by the end of regulation play, the score stood 10-4. Well all the more reason to keep playing. However, I think sometimes we don't consider that the team on the losing end doesn't necessarily want to keep watching us hit. And some of those on our own team, especially out in right field, looked absolutely miserable.

We satisfied the problem with a unique re-org in the 11th, the visitors basically got 6 outs. And within that time, Loren hit a home run and everyone on the visitors got a chance to hit again. The final was something like 10-7, but it was still light, and although some of us could have kept playing, it was decided to end the game.


* Johnny gave it his all, and had quite a few strikeouts in the middle innings. He then re-entered the game to pitch the 10th and 11th. Your are a true renaissance man!

* A lot of gorks fell for hits and a lot of well struck balls were caught, isn't that always the way.

* Double play for the homers, after a botched play, that is the way to make up for it

* Excellent heads up play on JT's part after a missed fly ball, to get the batter who tried for second

* Satch had a great 9 pitch inning, 2 curve balls and 7 knuckles. Love it!

* A not so great Satch play, I fielded a ground ball at short, neglecting to charge the ball, then had to hurry, fired a hot fastball with movement to Adam, sorry about that.

* Duane's new guy hit one that almost went out the right field corner, and another that went at least 500 feet in the air

* I asked Loren his first time up if he wanted to hit one out and get it over with. I was kinda serious, but I think I ended up sounding like a dick as I managed to get out of every jam with him, and even got him swinging on a change up. Tony wasn't so lucky.

* Ed caught a great game and gutted out inning after inning, and still had some left for a few decent hits

* Gaspar brought out his girlfriend and her cousin, Jessie, who played right field for us, and made a great assist

* Best part of the whole day, just before we started when we all knew that we were gonna get a proper game in the sun.

Marina, 1pm, be there.

S. Paige