Monday, July 29, 2019

7/24/19 San Quentin A's vs. MBC

 The streak continues, for the A's that is, and our own Brian "Sinister Side" Phelps was there to record the action for the MBC.  We are now 0-3 in 2019 SQ play.  Maybe next game is the one....

The San Quentin A’s secured their 20th victory of the season in a great game vs the Mission Baseball Club. The team met in the parking lot 8 strong with an outsider umpire that was training the inside blue crew.

MBC got out to a quick start with 3 runs in the first with Kool-Aid on the bump for SQ.

But the SQ walls couldn’t contain the A’s and with 3 homers they took the lead 6-3 and held strong.

Highlights (please add if you remember more details)
• MBC pitchers of record were Sean, Mike N, and Phelps.
• Great play in which an error turned thrown out runner at home. Greg made a perfect throw from 1B to Don at catcher
• We played all around great defense especially, from our borrowed RF, Angelo who made a great catch near the tables in triples alley. And threw a runner out from LF to 1B.
• Someone on MBC almost got thrown out at 1B from CF. 
• Don caught and didn’t let them run all over us
• The pitchers from both teams made a bunch of plays
• The outfield is in terrible condition and made any play an adventure (word is they are trying to secure funding for a turf field)
• The umpire consultant had some interesting conversations with catchers and batters, such as "nice take… STRIKE!”

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

7/7/19 MBC Fourth of July Doubleheader

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