Monday, September 21, 2020

9/21/20- A New Field

After being callously booted from one field, we found another to play.  This was the first full game that I was a part of, and it wasn't just me-- 25 players came out!  One of the joys of a large game is that when you sit, and everyone should be sitting, you get to catch up with people, have a reasonable conversation, etc.  The 7 on 7 game there is often no time to get a drink of water, much less find out how the family is doing.

Greg had started for the visitors and Sonny, arm rehabbed, went for the homers.  By the time I got there in the 3rd inning, the score was already 5-4, and the runs were plentiful throughout the game.  The fence was calling to the hitters, and there is a contest on for the first to achieve an honest home run.  I know I was swinging harder than usual.  

At some point it was decided that we should actually track the runs on the backstop since they were coming in so often, and since JT wasn't there...

Sonny threw one too many and struggled in his last inning, and then in came HR to finish.  Greg bowed out to Tony, then Chris L., then Satch for the 2-inning close.  We had rung up the score in that time, and by the 9th inning it was 13-10.  The visitors managed to load the bases, but were turned away from glory by a great play from Elon at first to snag a ground ball and make the final out.

The game went on as the sun was still high in the sky, but I had to get home so I do not know how the extras went.


* Richie came out, and made a fantastic running catch in center

* Chris P almost made the longest, farthest from SS position over the shoulder catch.

* New guy made that fatal baserunning error of not knowing how many outs there were with a fly ball hit.

* I was on base all 3 times, two hits, and one thanks to a throwing error.  I tried a deke on a ground ball to first and then realized I was going to be thrown out at 2nd.  I managed to beat the throw but my inertia carried me right past the bag.

* Anna came up with a huge hit in the late innings

* Sonny managed to hit me in the arm, which then deflected down and bounced up under Mitch's protective "gear."  Mitch needed a minute.

* The new field has a serious roll factor.  There were at least 2 triples and Dave had an in the parker!

* That being said, I hit a ball that would have been a standup double at least, if I wasn't me.  It became a single and a long turn.

* I froze Arson on a tight 2-strike curve ball.  Only good one I threw all day

* Jon McGrath slid into 3rd at least twice, the hole in the pants grows larger

* People were hitting the cutoff man, this new move towards improved defense is shocking.