Thursday, October 27, 2016

10/26/16 Moscone

What a glorious day for a ballgame.  And not just because I got play.  The weather was perfect, the field was in great shape, the mound was hard clay and we had exactly 18 players.  We had a good tight game, a nail-biter to the end,

Carter started for the homers and Satch for the visitors.  Carter threw five shut out innings, and was pretty dominating.  For a team that looked like it should provide some runs, we were pretty anemic for the first half of the game.  Then we decided to get out of our own heads "relax", and have some fun, and then the runs started coming in.

The real story of the game was the three double plays that the homers combined for, which pretty much destroyed any big inning that we had tried to patch together.  Defense and pitching wins games.  remember that, it will come up again.

Mitch seemed to be the lynch pin of the homers game, he was the quick pivot at 2nd for two of the three double plays, he pitched three innings, he had several hits, and scored twice, I think.

It was 4-0 going into the 6th inning, Carter bowed out, Mitch came in, and we began the long slow climb out of the hole.  Our bats suddenly came alive, Don hitting a powerful gapper, as did Jimmy, who had two swinging bunts on his first two at bats.

Satch ended up throwing a complete game, and I will say that the homers hit approximately 19 balls to the left side, Jimmy and Chris were overwhelmed.  They had a pretty good percentage of outs, but the ones we missed, there were a lot of flares and tweeners that no one could get, ended up hurting us. All in all, it felt like a good outing, and with the offense coming alive, we went into the 8th inning, suddenly in possession of the lead, for the first time in the game, 5-4.

Well, as usual, Mitch got on, took second on a throwing/fielding error, took third on a fielders choice, and scored on a hit. * I was updated by James for this recap, which I admit was not sufficient.  Here is what really happened. Thanks James, when I am pitching, I am sometimes not able to retain as much of the play by play...yeah, that's what is was.....

* The recap of the home team's comeback in the bottom of the eighth, down 5-4:

- Mitch: infield hit, advances to 2nd on error
- James: bunt single (because Satch got me out 4 previous ABs!), 1st and 3rd
- James: steals 2nd, runners on 2nd and 3rd, no out
- Abe: infield pop-up, 1 out
- Duane: SQUEEZE PLAY BUNT WITH TWO STRIKES! Mitch scores tying run, James to 3rd, Duane out at 1st, 2 outs
- Next batter (?): ground ball to 2nd, error, James scores go ahead run, 6-5

- Next batter (?): third out

We managed to get another out, but also were faced with runners at first and third.  The stage was set. Weak ground ball to second, looks like we are going to get out of it.  Bob, plenty of time, picked it up, and then it slipped out of his hand, flying softly the wrong way towards second, landing, and rolling slowly on the dirt.  Run scored, 6-5.  We got the next batter out, but the damage was done.  The homers brought in Greg to shut the door on us, and he did so.  Game over.


*Three double plays was amazing to see.

* I have never seen so many balls hit to the left side

* I did manage to keep James off balance, which is saying something

* Don made a great play in outfield, and new guy Ben made a couple in left

* Jimmy and Chris did the best they could

* Bob and John Mcg did a great job behind the dish, blocking the ball and avoiding the straw sacks placed for flood abatement

* Every time Duane came up, it was a pressure situation, and I had to bear down and give him the best stuff.

* Chris slid to stop a tweener and it sounded like he was sliding on sandpaper.  His pants was to' up!

* A safety squeeze by the homers was perfectly executed

* My hardest hit ball of the game was the game ender, a line drive to James

* Carter and Bob present, but no HBP!  Blasphemy.

* I told Sean he could pitch if I coughed up the lead, but then the run that scored was partially a result of a shady throw on his part.  I rescinded my offer, based on insider manipulation.

* An infield fly rule has to be 2 or more runners on, with less than two outs, but there has to be a force out possibility present, right?  Someone weigh in on this.

Looks like rain, so everyone don't forget to do your throwing workouts and hit the cages....

S. Paige