Thursday, May 28, 2015

5/16/15 SQ Giants vs. MBC

This isn't going to be a long write up, cuz the game really sucked.  Or more to the point, we really sucked.  We felt strong, we got in on time, but we could not for the life of us, get a hit or catch a ball.  The Giants pitcher threw the whole game, and under any other circumstances, we would have been able to hit him and hit him well.  But not this game.

Satch started for the MBC, threw two decent innings and then the wheels came off in the third and the Giants never looked back.  They had three or four extra base hits in a row and for what seemed like the whole game, what wasn't a hit, didn't get caught.  I bowed out with the score 8-1 after four and gave the ball to Sean who did a much better job of settling down the hitters. 

Jon McGrath had our lone RBI on a hit to the opposite field.  Great work John!

That's about it.

Didn't bother with a picture, and we sure need our manager and lucky charm Johnny Bartlett out again, we did a poor job playing rudderless.

Final 10-1.  Ouch.

S. Paige

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

4/26/15 Cop Field

Couldn't beleive that I managed two games in one week, but somehow I did.  It may have something to do with the next four Sundays being off the table for any case, happy to be here.  A little sore from Thursday, but not bad, and certainly enough to throw a few more.

The homer squad was looking pretty formidable, and so we did a little horse trading and then we had several latecomers that all kind of evened up the thing anyway.  I started for the visitors and kept racheting up K's, something about the fastball has changed, not sure what, but it's on point these days.  Tim spot-started for the homers and was effectively wild, for several innings.

The best part of the game was that Liam McGrath played a legitimate game with us, made some outs, and had at least one hit, over the third baseman's head.  Proud, we were.  Then, I think he got picked off.  Well, it's a long season.

We were down for most of the game, as we just couldn't seem to get the hit we needed off of Tim.  Once they homers removed him from the game, it took on a different tone and we started our climb out of the cellar.  Gaston took over for the visitors but was kind of lit up--by his standards-- if I can recall.  What had been a blow out turned into a neck and neck sprint for the finish line.  I think Elvin and Greg got a chance to pitch for the homers in there somewhere, and we lost about four players who had to leave early (sorry, I took too long a break to accurately remember this game...).

The game took on a bit of death march pace by the end, and no one wanted to play extras, but it had been an exciting game.

Final score Visitors-13-8?


* The visitors turned a legitimate double play

* While I felt good, and got some K's, I left the game praying for a No Decision.

* Liam made a great catch

* It's amazing how when you are down by 6 runs, getting back 2 just seems to be such a relief.

* We had one play where two outfielders called the ball, avoided hitting each other, and the ball dropped between them  Later, two infielders called the ball, crashed into each other, and dropped the ball.

* The drought-field is getting to that point that you can get about 200 feet of roll after it lands

* Sean made an amazing running backwards, basket catch at 1st.

* One the final plays in the 9th, by a surging home team was a hard hit ball from Chris Powell that richoceted off the the ankle of the thrid baseman and was caught by the SS.  The SS threw to first, only to then realize that it was a caught pop fly, and good for an out.  Tony, from the 3rd base coach box verified that it never touched the ground.

* Plenty other spills and thrills, but they are lost to all those who were not there to witness them

S. Paige