Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Game and Then an Exhibition

I don't know if it was the chiropractor, the acupuncture, or the drinking, but somehow Satch put a baseball display on at the cop field on Sunday. 16 solid souls showed up this Sunday, the sun shining and the game before us ended early, so for once we were on the field and warmed up by 3.

Johnny took the mound for the visitors, and was his usual solid self. Unfortunately he had a few hiccups with the defense, and he wasn't helped by the clouting force of the home squad. In hindsight, it was a little unfair balance-wise, but lots of times we have had an all star team set up, that looked unbeatable, and then they never get out of the gate.

Satch was more efficient than usual, and was helped by a great defense. The home squad was knocking down everything that came their way, and before too long, Satch was carrying a perfect game into the fifth inning. The visitors were starting with the bad juju, trying to throw Satch off his game, and eventually Johnny Bartlett (who really deserved a better shake out then he got) stepped up and knocked a gork over second base and the no-no-no was done for. A few batters later, John Nero fought off some fastballs, and waited on a change up (which had been working great up until that point) and laced a line drive to left center. The visitors were on the board. Unfortunately, the score by that point was 11-1, and it didn't improve. By the end of the sixth, it was in the 17-1 range, and the visitors were starting to look gloomy, so Greg (ever the diplomat) offered up a team remix and a three inning exhibition.

The teams were more balanced, Satch kept throwing, and Sean came in for the new visitors, and effectively shut down our offense with one of the nastiest curve balls we have seen out there. It was still 0-0 going into the 3rd, Rojas came in for the home team as relief, with Satch behind the dish (big mistake on the legs). A little trouble finding the plate, a booted ball, a couple of hits, and it was 4-0 with half a inning to go. The home squad managed a run, but in the end, it wasn't enough, and the game(s) came to an end. Nice.


* Not too much to brag about with a lopsided victory but....

* Johnny and Noah were a solid battery, and Noah deserves an extra kudos for a lot of stingers and hardballs in the neck

* Satch had a virtual cycle, at least one of the hits would have been out of park, any park...almost hit a soccer player too

* The diplomat, Greg. Take care of that leg, cuz I can't catch worth a shit

* Gaspar for putting up with Satch, and sticking out behind the dish as long as he could

* Lattig proving that he can hit anywhere

* New guy John, catching and hitting

* Good to see Owen out on a regular basis, welcome home!

Unfortunately the legs are out of wack, even if the rest of me is balanced. Maybe Satch should take a week off (just from pitching of course....)

See you in the fog,

S. Paige

Friday, July 24, 2009

Game Recap (kinda)

Satch was imbibing and debasing himself last week, so when I tried to get the recap, Jon Spack was good enough to provide some tidbits. But he left early, with the game tied, so this may be one lost to the wind. Thanks Jon!

*Sean had a monster home run blast to right field that resulted in a
funny looking no slide/close play at home plate - which brought the
score to 8-1.

*Johnny was cruising early for the home team with a lot of curve balls
and off speed stuff, but then some monster shots from Ryan, Nick
Kinsey, Mike Lattig (and others) tied the game at 8 with a 7 run
barrage. Mike's was a monster home run shot.

*Will started out on the mound for the away team and had some great
heat, but was a bit wild. He settled down nicely in the later

*Greg was back in action with a sore hammy, and played 2nd and 3rd.
Brian attempted an evil bunt toward Greg at 3rd, but whiffed at the
attempt. Greg had a nice hit up the middle in his first at bat.
Welcome back.

*Nick Kinsey displayed his inner Omar Vizquel, with some consistent
play at shortstop. He had all 3 putouts in one inning

The Lattig Report:

The home team won 11-8. It was an 8-0 game, visitors came back to tie it at 8-8 in the 6th or 7th, and then the home team got it all back.

See you on the bump this Sunday,

S. Paige

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

West Sunset Bliss

Sunday may have been the most beautiful in a series of beautiful Sundays that we have had lately. And I am not just saying that because Bob came with a truck load of steaks to sell. The beauty was added by the fact that we had 20 guys show up, which is a new record for the West Sunset field, I remember a few years ago that we couldn't get 10. Of course, now that I have said that, I am sure we will be screwed next time.

Greg was still healing from the hammy, but he dropped off the gear, which was kind of him, and we had some new guys that I think Sean had brought, they were young, and we were a little afraid ( we being the elder folk) that the young punks might show us up, or at least show off their non-disabled skills. But they were fine, they blended in and made some mistakes, and we were all friends....

Satch started on the mound for the homesquad, doing what was needed. The mound was in such good shape that it was troubling to pitch off of, as the drop was not the customary three feet that usually happens on our mounds. Our team had some early inning jitters to get out of the way and we dropped a few here and there, and the next thing you know it was 3-1 in the 2nd inning. But no mind, it was a nice day. Unfortunately, Dustin was feeling it as well, and he blew through us like wind through swiss cheese, dropping curves and slurves and cliders and drop balls, when he wasn't throwing the hard stuff...and this all without Jameson (as far as we knew). Our team couldn't seem to get anything going, Satch struck out looking, and we hit a lot of pop flys to Mitch, which is never the way to get a rally going.

After 5, I unfortunately had to leave the mound and the game to get to a BBQ, and so I bid the team a fond farewell and headed out. I got the late inning info from Jon Spack and Lattig, who each accounted for the end. AS for me, a great day, I hope we don't get spoiled on this weather, but then again, what better way to be spoiled.
Highlights the first 6:

* Joe who almost got one out of the yard, I was praying that it would, even if I had to give it up, never seen one go out.

* Dustin triple, single, and pitching performance

* The change up I threw Mitch

* Our umpire, Gregg, making it two in a row!

* The double play to end the first inning threat


Sean picked up for your side and had a solid first two innings, keeping the visiting squad down with his array of speeders and curves. The same held true for the visitors though, as Lattig took the hill and through looper after looper to keep the home squad off balance, and off the scoreboard.

The visitors tacked on a fifth run with some clean hits in the 8th, making it 5-1 heading into the bottom half, and that’s when the fireworks erupted. Bullets off the bats of Catcher John and Sean sparked a three run rally that brought the home nine to within one. Those tallies were quickly answered, however, by the visitors, who rallied behind some timely hitting and keystone coppery from the defense to push the cushion back to 4.

Vivek took to the bump in the bottom half of the frame to close it out, but the home 9 would not go quietly. Four consecutive hits had the game at 8-6 with runners on 2nd and 3rd with nobody out, but the new hurler wouldn’t break, getting the final three outs before Oliver could find his way home from 2nd, and sealing a thrilling 8-7 victory.

Highlights (from the 6th on):

* Vivek’s first career save.

* Sean peppering the wall in right field.

* A thrilling 9th inning that once again threatened to push us into extra frames.

Jon Spack Notes:

1) Sean was crushing line drives and deep fly balls to right, one of
which would have cleared the fences if he used a metal bat. He may
have even had an inside the park home run if those inside out sweat
pant pockets didn't slow him down,

2) Mike had some gorgeous line drives and sprayed the entire field with hits. His nickname as a pitcher needs to be Captain Hook. That deuce takes 3 minutes to get to the plate and goes from the eyes to the feet. Had a lot of batters off balance.

3) Our team came back in the last inning on some great back to back
hits - but Vivek closed the game out as I was stranded on 2nd base as the tying run.

4) Aaron's wildly fun-to-catch performance, I would describe it as "If you can't take the heat, the kitchen may still come after you." Aaron threw the kitchen sink at every batter he faced. I didn't know it was possible to throw knucklers in curve ball counts or change ups in knuckler counts...but he did it all day.
Thanks for keeping us in the game.

Thanks everybody for making it out, next week at Camp Swampy, someone pay attention, I will be faded in Lake Tahoe

S. Paige

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Double header

What a great tradition, is all I can say. And not just because I woke up on Sunday and didn't have to wait 4 hours to play baseball. Loaded down with bags, I wheeled to the park, threw on the gear, and by 11:30 we were in full swing of the 7th or 8th (?) annual 4th of July doubleheader. the old tyme baseballers had a game in the other field, which was cool to see, but I bet they take their shit way too seriously. The families came out, the food was great as always, and per MBC tradition, we forgot essentials such as salt and pepper, but had 6 plates and 7 buns per person.

Bob provided the fine beef cuts from Brandon natural Beef (they do good work!), Johnny, the boudin sausages, and after a short crisis, Rick went on a beer run that kept us afloat for the two games. It was a great turnout, the stands full of fans, the players just full.

Game #1
A overcast, muggy day in the park, the sun peeked through a few times, but for the most part it stayed gray. Satch started on the bump for the home squad, and Will took on the serving duties for the visitors. It is hard to remember, but I think the game was close for a couple of innings, Satch got lit up to begin with, and then settled down. The knuckle ball served me well, and probably saved my arm. Will threw 4 or 5, but had some long innings. The mound was the bane of all pitchers existences, that is for sure, the hole in the landing spot was not helped by the three pounds of sand that the crew filled in. Another new addition was an old hand, Doc, who celebrity umpired the games for us. Strange to have an official, and we kept veto power intact (and used) to make sure that the game stayed on the level. Nice work Doc, come on out again.

John Carey ( that's not the steal sign) led off for the visitors, and did his job well, in addition to being a fine asset in the outfield. Ameila, likewise had a successful day at the plate, good to see the younger generation out there. As for us elder fellows, the creaks and cracks of the early game wore off, and there might have been a beer or two to lubricate a few stubborn muscles. As the game wore on, and the home squad started to run away with it, helped by some messy fielding. Lattig came in time to watch his defense disintegrate.

With the coals getting ready, and the game wearing on, it was decided to forgo the ninth, and end the contest, with a final of 19-9. Lopsided, but the visitors showed some ginger a few times, that let us know that they were still a force to be reckoned with.

Beer. Burgers. Sausage. Beer. Hot dogs. Potato Salad. Beer.

Game #2

We mixed up the teams, and set Greg and Noah to battle out for the second game. Both are long range hurlers, so the first couple of innings saw a lot of pitches. Another high scoring affair, the score went back and forth, never anyone too far ahead. Mrs. Paige brought her best circa 1902 game out, and added a rbi to the resume. The game was saved a few times by some amazing outfield work, Rojas, Stone, Knight, Carey, all tracked down balls that stymied the big rally. The visitors turned at least one double play. Sean and his buddy had showed up for the second game, and Sean took the managerial role and had whipped his team into a frenzy.

Greg, thinking he was still 28 and prompted by the beer, dashed for third and caught a hammy, ending his play for the day. Rojas came in and did fine but struggled with the mound, so Satch came in to finish off the game on 3 hours rest. Going into the ninth, the visitors scrapped and fought and pulled ahead, 14-12. Last gasps for the home team, and the exhaustion was setting in for the the last stand of the day. However, the home team pulled out the big guns, doubles and liners, and with a timely last at bat by Rob (who's rbi won the first game last year) a poke job to left, and the comeback was a final.

A great day for everyone who came out, we should do it more often. I ain't half as sore as I thought I would be.


* A great day with family and friends

* The honesty and fair play of the games, especially when our celebrity official (ahem) got the call wrong

* Tony's catch in the outfield, especially amazing because we know he hates to play outfield

* The new additions, Margo and Cason, for making it out

* John Carey, again, why did we wait so long to get you started?

* Bob HBP +1, a classic shot to the posterior, making the day official

* Some long balls were hit, Lattig, Oliver, Nick, Sean's new guy....

* Fine glovework as well by Alexander, Adam's nephew

* No one was hurt by the bumpy gopher field

* Noah's complete game

* The tequila that helped some of us through

* Satch took second at least twice because no one was covering the bag. Its a learning tool. They learn and I am a tool.

* Let's play three!

A great way to celebrate freedom and good friends,

S. Paige