Thursday, March 5, 2020

2/16/20 Camp Swampy


This post is late, and as such, I don't know how much interest there is going to be. 

I can say that there was enough players, which is always a nice place to start.  I think we were 10 on 11, Greg disappeared at one point early on in the game, and no one knew what happened.  He reappeared an hour later, carrying a demo hammer and a sledge....

Lil-Lil Satch joined me, and had a great time, including 6 homeruns, which he insisted be counted towards the game totals, and played a multitude of positions.  Everyone was great about keeping him in the game, asking him how many outs there were, etc.

Probably the biggest news of the game, was that Sean went 5-5.  Have not seen a batting display like that in a while.  New guy Matt(?) also put the muscle on the ball, and hit one of the longer balls I have seen in a while.

Pitching-wise, I know we had a lot of arms out there, Sean started, I think.  Aiden came out, and he threw an inning as well.  My claim to fame with my only inning pitched was that I induced Matt to hit into a double play.

The game before us took a while to end, which seems to be happening a lot at Balboa these days, and all the players stuck around afterwards to party.  At one point I counted five different radios playing throughout the groups.

We had to leave before the end of the game, so I don't know how it ended, but I know that we had a great time.  I think the score was in the 11-7 range, but adding in the Lil's HRs, that was more like 17-7....

The mightiest wallop of the day