Thursday, May 30, 2019

5/26/19 Cop Field

Driving in I went trhough three downpours that I thought would have ruined any chances of a game.  I kept waiting for my phone to ping with a update that the field was flooded and the game was off.  But it never did.  I got to Balboa and found dry conditions.  The players that still live in SF said it hadn't rained at all.  So I am not sure where those storms were coming from, but apparently not the west.

I made 18, which was nice, and the game was in the bottom of the 1st, since I cannot seem to make it on time for any game.  Nick W. started for the visitors, and Sean for the homers.  We battled a pretty good back and forth for a few innings and there was not any real breakout.  Mike N. came in for the visitors, and Greg, and a New Guy for the homers, during which the game spiraled a bit.  The visitors stacked up a bunch of runs, and that was how it stayed.

The real news of the game was Tony R. who "celebrated" his one year annivaersay from his horrific shoulder injury, on that very field.  And of course, in the latter part of the game, this time playing 2nd base, he almost did the exact same stumbling dive that caused that injury.  He ended up on the ground, and we all held our breath.  When he sat up, shook his head, and looked around at everyone frozen in terror.  He gave the thumbs up when he realized we were all waiting for him to either stand up or pass out and we all sighed with relief.  Tony also took some at bats, which was only the first or second time since returning.

For the first time in a while, I was on the team doing the shellacking, rather than being shellacked.  I had almost forgotten what that was like.  I entered for the 8th and 9th innings, and threw a total of 14 pitches: 6 in the 8th and 8 in the 9th.  It could have been less, but Sean was determined to not let me escape as a two-inning single digit midget.  What was the secret?  Slow strikes, pop ups, and fly balls to Mitch.  Can't go wrong.

Final Score: 13-4?


* The defense for the visitors was pretty strong, and the hits were legit (mostly)

* The homers defense was not as good.

* Gaspar was the Silver Slugger of the game, hitting two RBI doubles into the perfect no-mans land of left field, beating the Gaspar shift!

* Nick W also had a pretty amazing double

* Chris P. was all over the field as usual, sliding to knock down ground balls.

* Nate came out after a long absence and did great with the bat, the glove and behind the dish

* While I don't think he got any hits, it was great to see Tony with bat in hand.

* I waited too long to write this, and things have escaped me, email me with other highlights.