Friday, April 28, 2017

4/23/17- Camp Swampy

Sometimes you can have it all.  Or a most of it.  I was late to the game but not by too much.  I also brought my buddy George, who was in town for his 40th birthday.  Our arrival made it 16 total, which is a much more enjoyable game.  I can't believe that on a blindingly beautiful day that there was not 25 in attendance, but, hey, I guess that is something to work on.

In the course of the game, I was swapped and traded so much that I really can't say whose team I was on the most, but I do know that when we got there, Sean was pitching for the visitors, and Carter for the homers.  I feared my at bat, given that the last time I was in the box was more than a month ago.  But I managed to dink a ball to right for a clean single, one of three for the day. So I am not complaining.

The score was 4-0 when we got there, and it sounded like it had been a rough beginning, and by his own admission, Coney Island James was having one of his worst games.  He was right.  Even Ted Williams struck out occasionally, though.

Speaking of strikeouts, Bob got himself a hat trick of K's for the day, but was not HBP.  Tragic.

I threw two innings, hoping like hell that my arm and elbow pain was not going to be a problem.  And it wasn't, thank the gods.  There was some rust on the fastball, and a little forearm tightness, probably atrophy of not pitching since 2/12/17, and that game I was pitching with a broken toe....

The visitors came back, with a strong outing against Mitch.  We started losing players, which we could not afford. Then I got traded to the homers, and suddenly was trying to win the game against the team that I had been playing and scoring for. 

James had come into pitch and he was not having any problems there, he was locked in.  But I got a hit.  Tried to steal second.  Eventually got to third, with 2 outs and Greg up to tie the game.  An epic battle, Greg got new life on two pop-fouls, but eventually was not successful, and the visitors won the game.  I cheered for baseball, since I didn't remember who I was supposed to be supporting anymore.


* Camp Swampy is in a great shape, especially the mound.

* Good pitching from everyone

* I think Ed got at least one RBI

* Tony's knee is still not 100%, but good enough for him to do everything but run

* Keir had a great game

* Elvin was called out at third for not sliding, which is SO him!  Slide, dammit!

* Greg was doing some great blocking in the later innings to keep runners at bay

* My friend George, who has not played competitive baseball since the last time he played with the MBC (and tee-ball before that) made a catch in left field, with a strong coastal breeze.   He also only struck out once, which is impressive.

* Mitch made a tough catch in center look easy

* The wind was crazy!  A pop up that looked like it was going into the bleachers came back into fair territory

Next game- St Mary's, 3pm. Be there.