Monday, August 8, 2016

8/8/16 Moscone

What a day for a ball game, the sun was out, it was breezy without being too bad, and we had 21 players.  What could be better?  Well, the visiting team might have wished for a more even game, but other than that, a nice clean game of baseball.

Carter started for the visitors, and Tony for the homers.  I showed up a little late with Lil' Satch in tow, and Tony promised he only wanted to go three innings.  Well, 3 innings into it, he hadn't given up a run yet, and his arm felt good so he kept going.  I didn't mind, since it is easier to play right field or second with the boy, rather than having him sit on the bench while I pitch.

Carter was throwing well, but we were able to string together some hits and by the middle innings the score was 7-1.  Carter bowed out after 5 to John Carey, who is a fireballer, with a few control issues.  Once he got in the groove, he was good.  He lasted 2 innings, and then a new guy threw the last inning.  Tony finally gave up a run in the 7th, which he was happy about and left the game with his head high.

A discussion continued after the game as to why the final was so lopsided, given that the team didn't seem all that different.  JT's input, which I think is accurate, is that games are won by the teams that catch the ball.  And the homers defense was great.  Tony admitted his arm felt good cuz he was throwing regular pitches, and letting the defense do the work.  Which is awesome when you can do it.  For myself, I came in and threw the 8th and 9th, and all told, probably only threw about 14 pitches.  A quality defense is a great thing. 

And that is probably the main reason for the asymmetric score, which was 12-1 (or thereabouts).  However, I have to say that the teams were not really balanced.  The visitors had two young kids, a couple of new guys, Randy, Tim, Carter, Bob, JT and John.  We had Powell, Lattig, James, Tony, Greg, Adam, Elvin, Abe, etc.  At the very least, you can't have James, Powell, and Lattig on a team without some serious counterbalance, that is a combined power and average of about .900.  And that's not all just skill, but knowledge on the game, on how to play people.  At the very least we should have had one of the kids.  Again, not complaining.


* All this talk of defense aside, the visitors had a double play, that almost was a triple play.

* Elvin was hit twice, once in the ribs, and once in the ass.  Both of them sounded like a kick drum

* Bob was also hit twice

* Tony threw a great game, and had his side arm sneaky ball working well

* A steal attempt at third was called an out, then safe, then out again, then safe

* On a outfield that didn't get watered as much, we would have had some legitimate in-the-parkers

* Bob took a beating all game, as the visitors catcher

* Powell stole second before the ball crossed the plate

* Elvin made a great catch in left field, on the run, with a first baseman's glove, left handed.

* I snuck home on a mental error when the first baseman thought there were three outs.

* More Fuckface bats apparent

* Carter struck me out, I tried to lean into it at the last moment to give the perspective that it wasn't a strike, which it was.  What an asshole....

* Lil' Satch almost took my head off with a ball, when we gave him a chance to hit in between innings

* Greg made a great running play at third

* Thanks to everyone who came out, nice to have a full game