Monday, May 22, 2023

5/21/23 GGP

 Beautiful day!  Bay to Breakers always seems like it is going to be a complete fuck up of the day, but the park is surprisingly empty, probably because everyone avoids it.  Kudos to Greg for warning us ahead of time and assuring that it would be ok.

I brought along Lil' Josh Gibson, who has been wanting to come play for awhile now.  He was super excited to be playing with the MBC'ers and he responded by scoring 3 runs, including one from 2nd base.  He was also instrumental in a late inning double play when we needed it, sacrificing his body to stop a ball going up the middle.  I was very proud.  We also set a new record with father/son combos: Ed and Milo, John and Liam, and Satch and Lil' G.

Greg started on the bump and was looking sharp, he held the visitors to 3 runs in 3 innings.  Liam McGrath started for the visitors, and as an 20 year old ascending star in college baseball, he apparently only threw at 70% for the day.  Thank goodness, cuz it was 3 innings of Ks and lost chances, though Greg and I both got hits, apparently cyborgs are immune to overpowering lefty's.

Once we got away from Liam, the game changed for us.  Chris Leavitt came in, and we started getting hits.  Our defense sharpened up too, mostly because I was put on the mound, where I couldn't sow as much chaos.  The rest of the game moved quickly, the visitors never got the rally they needed to break through, and we kept scoring a run an inning.  Mitch took over from Chris, and I stayed in and finished the game.  The visitors got one run in the 9th, but that was it and we finished with an 8-4 game, homers.


* Double plays!  3 of them, I believe!

* Great pitching from Liam

* The original Satchel Paige showed up to commune with us, great to see you Tim.

* Mike Lynch had the deep drive of the game, towering power!

* Don showed up late, but he drove a crucial run in early

* Lil' G stole a base, for real! 

* Thanks to the catchers: Mike N, and Ed 

* In addition to his double play starter, Lil' G got an out on a ground ball to 2nd, after letting one go through the wickets!  Thank you to all that encouraged him.

* Greg made a fantastic catch in left, in the blinding sun

* Mitch had several hits on the day.

Great to see everyone!

S. Paige