Thursday, June 1, 2023

5/28/23 GGP

 Back at the GGP, back to the east field with the better mound in my opinion, back to baseball basics with 16 players and a cold windy, foggy day.  Ah summer!

I decided that with the limited number and the feel good in the ol' soup bone that today would be a good day to try and tie Johnny Bartlett's record of four consecutive complete game starts.  

Now, the purists will argue two things 1.) My consecutive complete games have spanned about 8 months, and 2.) There is a pushback from one Greg Snyder who claims that he has thrown so many consecutive complete games in his 31 years with the MBC that they are legion and the record should never fall.  

To that I say that he is probably right, but did anyone take the time to pay attention or write it down?  I am open to the collection of historical and qualitative data concerning this.  I know I was in attendance for every one of Johnny's starts (and 3 of them were wins, I believe) and that is enough for me to say that I think that stands as the record.  And yes, maybe I am retconning an attainable record to create a buzz, stir the pot, and make myself feel better.  However, a complete game, much less four, is still an accomplishment, and I choose to focus on the positive (and the personal glory).

To the game, Sean started for the visitors and Satch for the homers.  It remained that way for almost the entire game, and Sean was his usual dominating self.  Somehow Greg and I were the only ones to get hits off of him in the beginning of the game, though mine was a hit in the loosest of terms.  The visitors scored first, and we answered back, then they answered back and then the game settled into the middle innings, and our defense made some great plays to keep the rallies from getting away from us.  

We entered the final stretch down 4-2.  I felt good and continued to throw, my pitches were consistently inside, which was maddening when I just wanted to throw strikes, but the changeup finally started working correctly and we got the outs we needed.  A hearty thank you to HR, who really wanted to pitch, and allowed me to keep going in pursuit of my "bullshit accomplishment."

Carter had materialized out of the North bay fog, and he had brought two new guys with him.  They both proved themselves capable in the field, and at the plate.  We also had Dani(!) show up for the first time in a long while, ready to play baseball again (at least once) and showing that she has not lost a step.  She also attempted a bunt, after asking Greg mid-pitch if that was ok to do :)

We froze the visitors in their tracks in the 9th and entered the last gasp inning ready to try.  Sean had handed the ball to Mike N, who was raring to go after a maddeningly long rehab of his arm.  He was throwing hard, and we were ready.  Through some luck we managed to put one run across, and somehow filled the bases with New guy Taylor coming to bat.  Greg and I followed him and we remarked at how great it would be if the new guy got to be the hero, and we also wouldn't have to go to bat in a pressure situation.  The at bat last a long time, Taylor fouled off at least 6 pitches, and then with one mighty swing he tattooed a ball into deep, deep, center.  This hit was massive, and he made it around the bases before the ball reentered the infield.  A walk off grand slam, which was the first that any of us could remember in the MBC history.  This is where it went:

A game to remember, homers snatching victory from the visitors, 7-4.


* Sean pitched a hell of a game

* Sean and Mike Lynch back to back is the lefty Bash Brothers

* Greg caught the whole game

* Mitch hustled down the line every at bat, and kept getting out by a millisecond

* Nick Smith played a great 1st base

* Lynch again manned 3rd with aplomb

* HR had a couple of great hits and great defensive plays

* It was great to see Carter again, and with new guys!

* Mitch bought mangos for everyone!

* For pitching 9 innings, I felt remarkably OK the next day

* I had Don's number for some reason

* The reemergence of Dani!!!

* Both defenses kept it tight

* Mike N did a great job as catcher and pitcher

* Thanks everyone and cap tip to Johnny Bartlett, I wish we could see you again out on the field!

* Mitch's hit, after a frustrating day at the plate