Monday, November 17, 2008

MBC- The beginnings

So we have this baseball club, sometimes we play at San Quentin, but we can't take pictures of the game, so we get them afterwards in the parking lot. The games are always entertaining, and sometimes we manage to give them a real game. This game we actually tied, although we were saved by the yard bell. it made both teams happy.

Every Sunday we play in San Francisco, and since the weather is always partially overcast and somewhere between 54 and 71 degrees, we play pretty much year round. The team is comprised of about 25 regulars who try to show up when they can, the teams are always different, the people stay the same. The one standing rule is that you can't be an asshole. Everything else is pretty much negotiable. If you like 9 innings of hard ball, this is the game for you. if you care about stats, being safe on every play, or whether that last pitch was on the corner or not, this is not the game for you. It's baseball by democracy, or kindergarten baseball, as in if you can't play well with others, go swing on the jungle gym. here's another picture with a few more of the usual suspects.

This was taken at a Fourth of July BBQ that we try to do every year. We play a game, have a party, and then play another game. Usually the first game has a bit more pep than the second. But it is the one game where we usually have more than enough people. Everyone is welcome to play on the 4th, and we have had some surprising plays come out of unexpected players.

We have lost a lot of friends to the East Coast, but enough of them still had the fire to start their own team. They can't play all year like us, and they start at the god awful time of 9 am on Sunday morning, but they are trying to keep the dream alive. The rumblings of a East Coast- West Coast game are getting louder by the day. Maybe in a common area, known as Cooperstown???? Here's a team photo from team 5 Boroughs.The surly one in the middle is probably angry that someone put out his cigarette that he left on the ground while he was warming up.
Anyway, this is game is our church service, and I for one would not know what to do with myself if it didn't exist.

Until next time, Let's play 2!


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