Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Double header

What a great tradition, is all I can say. And not just because I woke up on Sunday and didn't have to wait 4 hours to play baseball. Loaded down with bags, I wheeled to the park, threw on the gear, and by 11:30 we were in full swing of the 7th or 8th (?) annual 4th of July doubleheader. the old tyme baseballers had a game in the other field, which was cool to see, but I bet they take their shit way too seriously. The families came out, the food was great as always, and per MBC tradition, we forgot essentials such as salt and pepper, but had 6 plates and 7 buns per person.

Bob provided the fine beef cuts from Brandon natural Beef (they do good work!), Johnny, the boudin sausages, and after a short crisis, Rick went on a beer run that kept us afloat for the two games. It was a great turnout, the stands full of fans, the players just full.

Game #1
A overcast, muggy day in the park, the sun peeked through a few times, but for the most part it stayed gray. Satch started on the bump for the home squad, and Will took on the serving duties for the visitors. It is hard to remember, but I think the game was close for a couple of innings, Satch got lit up to begin with, and then settled down. The knuckle ball served me well, and probably saved my arm. Will threw 4 or 5, but had some long innings. The mound was the bane of all pitchers existences, that is for sure, the hole in the landing spot was not helped by the three pounds of sand that the crew filled in. Another new addition was an old hand, Doc, who celebrity umpired the games for us. Strange to have an official, and we kept veto power intact (and used) to make sure that the game stayed on the level. Nice work Doc, come on out again.

John Carey ( that's not the steal sign) led off for the visitors, and did his job well, in addition to being a fine asset in the outfield. Ameila, likewise had a successful day at the plate, good to see the younger generation out there. As for us elder fellows, the creaks and cracks of the early game wore off, and there might have been a beer or two to lubricate a few stubborn muscles. As the game wore on, and the home squad started to run away with it, helped by some messy fielding. Lattig came in time to watch his defense disintegrate.

With the coals getting ready, and the game wearing on, it was decided to forgo the ninth, and end the contest, with a final of 19-9. Lopsided, but the visitors showed some ginger a few times, that let us know that they were still a force to be reckoned with.

Beer. Burgers. Sausage. Beer. Hot dogs. Potato Salad. Beer.

Game #2

We mixed up the teams, and set Greg and Noah to battle out for the second game. Both are long range hurlers, so the first couple of innings saw a lot of pitches. Another high scoring affair, the score went back and forth, never anyone too far ahead. Mrs. Paige brought her best circa 1902 game out, and added a rbi to the resume. The game was saved a few times by some amazing outfield work, Rojas, Stone, Knight, Carey, all tracked down balls that stymied the big rally. The visitors turned at least one double play. Sean and his buddy had showed up for the second game, and Sean took the managerial role and had whipped his team into a frenzy.

Greg, thinking he was still 28 and prompted by the beer, dashed for third and caught a hammy, ending his play for the day. Rojas came in and did fine but struggled with the mound, so Satch came in to finish off the game on 3 hours rest. Going into the ninth, the visitors scrapped and fought and pulled ahead, 14-12. Last gasps for the home team, and the exhaustion was setting in for the the last stand of the day. However, the home team pulled out the big guns, doubles and liners, and with a timely last at bat by Rob (who's rbi won the first game last year) a poke job to left, and the comeback was a final.

A great day for everyone who came out, we should do it more often. I ain't half as sore as I thought I would be.


* A great day with family and friends

* The honesty and fair play of the games, especially when our celebrity official (ahem) got the call wrong

* Tony's catch in the outfield, especially amazing because we know he hates to play outfield

* The new additions, Margo and Cason, for making it out

* John Carey, again, why did we wait so long to get you started?

* Bob HBP +1, a classic shot to the posterior, making the day official

* Some long balls were hit, Lattig, Oliver, Nick, Sean's new guy....

* Fine glovework as well by Alexander, Adam's nephew

* No one was hurt by the bumpy gopher field

* Noah's complete game

* The tequila that helped some of us through

* Satch took second at least twice because no one was covering the bag. Its a learning tool. They learn and I am a tool.

* Let's play three!

A great way to celebrate freedom and good friends,

S. Paige

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