Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 3rd- Golden Gate Park

Satch was dragged and fashed from a Orange County wedding, and really wanted to be there, but it just wasn't gonna happen. Sounded like a good one, and here to relay the day is Mike Gaspar:

It was a nice enough day. A bit overcast. But plenty warm and even a bit of humidity hung in the air. Never the less, as three o'clock came, we still had only thirteen players. Ever hope full we started some infield practice and before too long our fourteenth player showed up and it was game on!

Johnny took the hill for the home team. Resplendent in his A's uniform in honor of Rickey "the greatest" Henderson. J.B. had the good curve working. And had an easy first inning. The visitors sent Noah to the bump and he had the full arsenal going. Especially in the early and middle innings.

Unlike last weeks game this was a tight affair early on. the visiting team scratched out a couple of runs early on, only to see the homers tie then take the lead in the middle innings. The home team then iced it with a barrage of hits and runs in the seventh. The visitors made a comeback try in the ninth. Aided by some shoddy defense on the part of a borrowed player (yours truly) and the fact we decided to take some walks. In the end though the final tally was visitors 7, homers 13. And i dare say fun was had by all !


Brian Cagle: Several hits, including a key two out double that basically put the game out of reach.

Owen: Good day at the plate. Even his outs were "loud".

Johnny: His good pitching kept the visitors in check.

Oliver: Amazing "juggle" catch in right field. Way to keep your eyes on the ball kid.

Noah: Pitched great for five innings. Then lost a little steam but stuck it out the rest of the way.

Doc: Thanks for umping. You did a great job !

See everyone next week, swear to the Maker(s) mark


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