Thursday, October 22, 2009

Player #13- John Nero

Nero is the one waving:

It has been a long time since I did one of these, but it is because it has been hard to figure who should be next. After a lot of considering, and because it is number 13, I decided only one person was perfect for the “lucky” number, our pal John Nero. John has been playing longer in the MBC than yours truly, and I think we can all safely say that John has not changed one bit in the last 8-9 years. John can be a little gruff on the exterior, and if there is a negative side of a situation that can be pointed out, Nero usually has a handle on it. But that is just his way. One could say that counting on John to be John is close to being a 4th law of thermodynamics.

Hopefully he will see through this gentle ribbing and know that we always enjoy John on the field, he shows when we need him the most, he has the ability to swing wildly at one pitch and then knock the next one into the gap, a frustrating gift. I have lost out on a lot of two strike battles with Nero because I couldn’t get the third strike past him. He can play any position, including catcher, and he has organized the last few seasons of the San Quentin games, which we all appreciate. We were all a little worried when Pete V.S. left for the east coast, but John picked up the mantle with ease and situated himself as the point person for the games, to great success. He is quick to pass out info about a late game, or make sure that we have enough to challenge the Giants (or Pirates).

While he will never be confused with Cool Papa Bell, I can also say that I have seen John make some of the most amazing plays at third, plays that have to be pure instinct and reflexes. Because at the hot corner that is what you have to work with sometimes. I can’t tell you how many rallies I have seen die because Nero picked a line drive out of the air…great if it’s your team, maddening if its not.
John is a bartender, so I have a special place in my heart for him, and he works at two of my favorite spots in the city, The Uptown and Doc’s Clock, which means that not only is he on the cutting edge of hip but he has some street cred too. He is an avid reader of the MBC blog and posts under the handle Unmusical, and he rides his cruiser to the game sometimes.

And here is the amazing part, I got this far into it without mentioning that he is a blue blooded DODGER FAN, with Los Angeles tattooed on his arms. I might not agree with the choice, but I have to admire the dedication. If we have learned anything in the MBC, it’s that we need to accept and embrace our individual differences, having a good time is the only thing that really matters. And I think John always has a good time.

He just doesn’t talk about that side of things….

Thanks for being a good sport and a great teammate, John,!
S. Paige

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