Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010: Moscone Field

So I will get the easy ones out of the way early. This was the best game of 2010, so far....and by far the most beautiful Sunday, of 2010, up to this point....Girgus, now that you got all those plays out of the way, we will be looking forward to some stellar games.

In any case, we had 19 people, on an amazing day in the Marina, we waited a few minutes for the pickup game before us to end, seemed like good guys. We had a salty dog kind of show up with Brian Girgus back in uniform, Johnny in Enid flannel, Stoner on his monthly furlough, and the rest of us motley pill hoppers.

Brian Phelps had challenged me to a heads up kind of thing last week, and the rain just staved off the sun long enough to make the field unplayable, but that was good enough to whet the appetite for this weeks contest. I accepted Brian's challenge, and took the bump with a strong defense behind me, I thought.

It didn't take long for the visitors to rack up a 3 run lead, and Brian set our boys down in order in the first. Satch would not let the shutout go any further, and stepped into a curve ball and hit it a very long way into right center. A double on my holiday legs, but the distance was pretty epic. 3rd on a fielders choice, and home on a blooper past the diving pitcher, and the shut out was broke. Another run tacked on and we had a good game, 3-2.

Next thing you knew, it was all tied up, 4-4, and we had a homerun, excitement, sun spots, bloops, runs, double plays. And then, it was 8-4, the visitors having taken the lead back handily. And that's pretty much how it stayed. I lasted until the 7th, lengthened by the a couple of great team play low pitch innings, Mike Lattig took over the hurling duties for the visitors team, and Mitch closed it out for the last. We never retook the lead, and the closest we came was 11-8, then it was 14-9, and in the dwindling twilight, us homers went down in order, and the first game of the new decade was in the books.


* Some great hitting on both teams.

* Two double plays, maybe even a third!

* Greg's headfirst slide into third was amazing, as well as frightening, as Vic came down next to his head

* A very strong line up of Lattig, Phelps, Chris, Mitch, tough to have four battles in one inning.

* Chris, Mitch, and Brian had some great plays in center as well.

* Girgus, tough day man, 11 runs, a lot of chances, two roaming circles, one belly shot, two glove squirts, come back and redeem yourself!

* Thanks Nick for reminding me why I wear a cup all the time, three inches higher and I would have needed a lot of ice tonight.

* Bob HBP +1, a knuckle ball skip off the back, and then to the bat

* Solid base running today, on all parts

* Adam and Nick combined for some flashy first sack plays today, Nick including a jumping tag play.

* Ok, so I hit a home run, felt good, it has been a long while, and thanks Cagle, for reading my thoughts perfectly when I was coming into third, I was totally happy with staying there, glad I went though.

* Lattig, superb pitching after a long time, same with Mitch

* Ben, thanks for the seeds, minus the pickle and ranch...

* Bob, long run in the outfield, great play!

* Tony, great bunt, Brian, greater play on the bunt

* Thanks to all those who don't swing when we are stealing bases, the number of times we have to reset due to foul balls gets real old some times....

* Chris almost had an amazing play at short, you had to be at least 10 feet in the air, just barely missed it!

* A toast to all those who overdid it on NYE, and made it out, I know I was pretty hairy on Saturday, damn Manhattans, I'm going back to tequila.

Don't know the forecast, but I do know that next week is West Sunset, 2 pm.

Where's the damn ice!
S. Paige

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