Wednesday, August 4, 2010

8/1/10- Cop Field

A bonus game for Satch, usually the Missus doesn't allow two games to take over the weekend, but she had her own plans mapped out, so after a lovely morning at the Oakland Zoo, she went to swim in Aquatic Park and Satch had the game! It is always nice being the person that shows up who was not expected, and we had 17 for the game, almost perfect. The day was the usual gray July muck, with a peppery wind from the ocean, and it never did get sunny. Oh well.

Greg Snyder started for the homers, which was amazing considering he had caught the game the day before, in SQ, but luckily Greg is indestructible, and he shut the door in the first. The visitors put Johnny Bartlett on the bump and he did his usual stuff where he is shaky in the first and then we do nothing against him for the rest of the game. The score was 2-0, then 3-1, then 4-3 when the visitors took the lead, and then fell behind again, 5-4. Always fun to have a see saw battle, and the game had its share of great plays.

Tony Rojas was behind the dish in the beginning, which is quickly becoming his new favorite spot, and he threw out another runner to add to his stats, one Mr. Cagle, whose base running fervor as of late has been somewhat haywire. Add to the mix a pick off of Sean at first and the game was being made by getting outs in unusual spots.

Noah came in to mop up and the homers suddenly came alive, no longer having to face the slide ball that Johnny throws. We tacked on four more runs, Tony came into throw long relief, and did a great job. The 8th brought Sean and the 9th brought Satch in to loosen the tired muscles of the previous day, and both did well, but the game was out of reach by that time, somewhere in the neighborhood of 13-7. The visitors made one last stand in their final ups, but a fine line drive catch, doubling off finished the game. A baseball weekend is almost better than any other weekend, but damn, how do those guys do it every day?


* There were a couple of spectacular plays at third on line drives, both Brian and Johnny flashing the leather.

* Less horrible hops this time in the infield.

* Rick made a great foul catch, and though he went out of play, we counted it, and allowed Cagle to advance to second on the play (good heads up running there!)

* Adam had some great scoops at first, we all had trouble with the throws

* Phil got his second game, before heading back to AZ. Too bad his last at bat was a bust, but that just means you gotta come back soon and redeem! Great to see ya!

* Satch got a double on the weirdest bounce I have ever seen in the outfield, this thing was a testament to the chaos theory.

* Brian Girgus seems to have made a recovery and is now patrolling the outfield like an old salt, and if you need a free haircut, Mr. Girgus is now in Barber College on 6th street. They say the stewbums wait hours just for him.

* Rick blasted a few to left, per usual

* A lot of ground balls to right field, which is something that we should do more of, its a good place to hit. Except at SQ.

* We had a legit pickle, and thanks to Gaspar we got the guy, cuz Tony was really enjoying the show from the mound. Girgus talked Mike through the play, way to go Coach!

* Had some close plays at the plate too, which is always fun, great throws from the outfield help.

West Sunset, 3 pm, be there or hate yourself all week.

S. Paige

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