Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9/5/10- Labor Day weekend- Cop Field

Satch was entertaining the rabble at the Gold Rush Days in Sacramento, trying to stay out of the way of the Civil War re-enactors and other ruffians with guns walking the planks in the dust and horse manure. And hot! Damn, what the hell is wrong with the valley, when does the fog and cool come in, cuz I sure didn't feel it! In any case, I missed a hell of a game, and here's Mike Gaspar to tell us all. Gather around:

Another beautiful Sunday in balboa park and by 3:00, 17 guys had gathered for some hardball. Greg started for the home team and Noah for the visitors. and just like in the old days they finished what they started.

the visitors put up a 3 spot in the first. and added single runs in the 2nd and 4th. but the homers countered with 2 in the third and 3 in the fourth. so in the 5th it was all even at 5. in the bottom or the 6th Richie hit a one out single and used his legs to come around to score the go ahead run. a lead the homers would not relinquish.

highlights (and one low light):

- a crisp 2:45 game

- the median age of the visitors starting infield was 54 (old guys rule)

- nice double play turned by stone and Elvin.

- Richie made several nice plays at short

- both starters went the distance (to hell with pitch counts)

- good to see old timer tony a. on the field.

- jt got his mitt stolen. Damn! The suspect is a small boy, who also made off with a baseball, and who Adam P. witnessed in the act of thievery (of the ball). It was also his birthday, apparently.

- i made a diving catch in left while subbing for the other team. sorry tony Rojas got to keep the integrity of the game.

All in all a great game.

i think we all played extra hard knowing we had Monday off. gotta love the three day weekend!

Thanks Mike, well stay tuned, this weeks game will be posted soon as I do some work, what do you think I do, sit around and talk baseball all day????

S. Paige

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