Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/14/10- Cop Field and Camp Swampy

What a great birthday, Dave Johnson showed up from the Brooklyn Ramblers Baseball Club, we had about 30 guys over the course of the day, two glorious games and a great BBQ!

The sun was pounding down on us as we started to warm up at 11 am, the day unseasonably hot, and the teams full of new faces. At lesat 5 new guys showed up, invited by others and with the NY VIP still not arrived, we started the game, Greg taking the bump for the home squad and throwing down the gauntlet with a 1-2-3 inning. Satch responded by promptly giving up two runs and almost falling off the mound in the heat. But it was to be a game of back and forth, and in the 3rd we finally struck back with a run of our own and then another, thanks of course to Mitch, who always seems to be the first man to score runs when we need them. They tacked on a few more, thanks to some huge hits by the new guys. However, we took on the challenge and kept in the game.

Satch settled in and had some better innings, as Greg did, but suddenly we visitors started to liven up and took the lead, 6-4, but as Satch bowed out with the lead, to give the ball to Loren, a new guy who pitched for UCSB, supposedly. Johnny took the ball from Greg, and had his usual stuff. However, before too long the homers had lit up the new guy and we had a 6-6 ball game. And then, suddenly we had scored the go ahead run, and with the final out of the 9th, we had the first victory.


* Huge hits from the new guys, who could all play ball, hit, run and field

* Cool to have so many people

* The drunk guy who wandered thorough the game was a new one

* Satch had a mammoth shot to center, thanks to the slow curve and the Nike bat

* Almost had a triple play in action

* Tony took a fireball to the back, thankfully he was alright, but he should have listened to us and wore a helmet

* James killed the ball off me all day

* Richie called the balls and strikes from behind the mound, and did a great job, even when Bob disagreed with him

* Bob caught the whole game, including the new fireballer, which he said was more than he had signed up for

BBQ- Chef James made some amazing tacos, Bob and Stoner brought burgers, Johnny had the Boudin sausages, Scott brought tables, water, ice, and everyone else brought things to share, it was a great team effort. After more time than it should have been, we declared that the 2nd game would be starting in 7 minutes, otherwise, it wouldn't have happened.

2nd Game

Sean started for the homers in the second game and was pretty lights out for the whole game, Johnny re-took the bump and didn't fare as well as he had for the first game, but in all fairness, the homers had a pretty solid squad. Doc showed up and umpired the 2nd game from behind the dish, and did a good job, and managed to not get beaned.

The homers took a commanding lead by the 4th and kept it, with the visitors finally getting on the board, however it was never close. Dave took over for Johnny, but fared little better, the beer and sausages catching up with the players. The homers gave the ball over to Bill Zerbes and then Brian Phelps as the twilight started to fall. The game was pretty loose by that point and by the 7th it was too dark to see, so we called it a day and shook hands all around. A wonderful way to start my 33rd year!


* There were possibly 2 double plays

* Duane had a monster shot one of many for the day

* Bill Zerbes hasn't been out for a while, and he looks like he hasn't missed a day as far is batting is concerned

* Sean had a few strikeouts but mostly was just overpowering

* Lots of hits with Adam's cheater stick

*Although she didn't play, it was great to see Dani out again, if you haven't read it yet, there is a great Cheap Eats on Huff's bunt in the SF Guardian

* My wood WarHammer had a good day as well, I had at least three solid singles, didn't feel any of them in my hands

* Bob didn't get it in either game, but it was on everyone's mind.... :)

Thanks again to everyone who came out and Richie and Doc for umpiring the games, Johnny for the grills, James for the tacos, Dave for making the trip and all those who wished me well!

Hope the rain stays away, but I know we can't get greedy.

S. Paige


Duane said...

Such a great day!... I love that nike bat also. Who owns that bat anyways?

richie said...

Good times, guys. Who says we have to wait for the 4th of July to have a BBQ?