Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/5/10- Rain and St. Mary's

Once again, the rain gods proved stronger than the baseball gods. Satch was up in the mountains, watching a Holiday parade and wishing for a year filled with warm Sundays. Those stalwart few who ventured out in the rain to defy the rain, I salute you all. Lets hope the weekend bodes better luck for us all. Here is a message from Brian Phelps, one of the few that would not go gentle into that good night.

I’d like to give honorable mention to Ed, Chris and myself for making out to St. Mary’s. We were joined by 4 other brave souls. Quite the batting practice performance in some pouring rain. Ed tossed most of it from the muddiest bump you ever did see. Powell displayed some Tom Emanski defensive skills to the youngsters that joined us.Honorable tip of cap to you gents.-Phelps

See you in the mud,

S. Paige

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