Friday, July 22, 2011

7/17/11- West Sunset?

Satch was out of town, up in the mountains trying to catch fish and avoid hangovers. I failed at both. Here with his first blog entry for the Mission Baseball Club, is John McGrath, Esq.

Only about a dozen MBC guys showed, but another group of skater/surfer/punk type were finishing up their informal game. greg commented that they were the MBC 10 years ago. they joined in and we 9 v. 9. greg pitched the whole game for the visitors and johnny pitched the first 6 or 7 for the homers, then sean relieved him.

The initial feeling was that the visitors would crush the homers since we had rich and mitch and more MBC regs than the other side, so mitch was traded. however, the game was really, really close and the homers lead most of the way, until about the 7th or 8th when the visitors broke it open. final score 11 to 7 or so.


rich played a great center field (catching balls in right once they were lost in the sun by the rightfielder). he also made some great plays at SS and, as SS took a cutoff from the left fielder to nail a guy going to third.

ker played solidly on the right side of the infield both at SS and 3rd.

jacob hit well and caught an inning or two (w/o a cup!)

johnny pitched well

rich hit a homer with the bases loaded and liam, age 8, was a pinch runner at 3rd, so probably the youngest person to officially score in an MBC game

mitch made some awesome catches in center, a sliding grab on a short one and running stab on a gapper, in addition to catching everything else that came his way

if, i don't say so myself, JohnMcG hit the ball hard and well, 3 for 5, w/ 3 being hard liners to the outfield, 2bls and single

ker and jacob both hit a bomb

the other dudes hit a lot of solid singles and were not easy outs

ed caught for the visitors

the other team dudes were awesome to play with, totally displaying the same type of spirit and attitude treasured by the MBC

sean hit well too (at least one long gapper), and hit one to left w/ the shift on

greg beared down in the later innings the hitting by the other side turned into a trickle, he also was hurt by "generous" D in the early going

i am sure there are some more good things to mention, but my memory, w/ 3 kids ain't what it was

Same game, same place, same time

S. Paige

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