Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10/9/11- West Sunset

The Blue Angels were heard a few times but never seen, which was fine with us.  Aiden walked around with his fingers in his ears for a half hour, just in case.  We had to wait for the league game to finish up, so we didn't get started until about 3:15.  The fog stayed around for a the first few innings and then it got sunny and hard to see, warm, but muggy.  We were 12-11, but everyone did real well at taking their turns at sitting and making sure that everyone got to play.  Nice work everyone, and thank you!

AOY 2011 Brian Phelps started for the home team, and he definitely brought his A game.  His crafty pitching racked up 6 Ks in about 5 innings of work, and he had some nice footwork on the mound as well.  Satch started for the visitors, and didn't do horribly, but what a lineup to face!  Every power lefty in the MBC decided to face me, one after another, and they all whacked me around.  It was one of the stronger batting lineups ever assembled 

And true to it's talent the Homers took the lead early, and held it for the whole game.  We were looking down the barrel of a 7-2 game before we knew what had happened.  Inning by inning we scratched our way back, and for a time, we actually kept the monsters at bay.  By the middle innings, we actually had clawed our way back to a one run game, 7-6.  We savored it, and then the home team woke up again and started busting us up again like a cheap pinata.

I had bowed out with the close game, and sent in Tony Rojas to throw.  He did well, managed to strike out a few, but the batters were just too many, and the runs started to pile up again.  Phelps went out around the same time and in came the new old guy, who had a live arm but not as much control.  He threw effectively wild for a few innings and then Sean came in to close the game.  Yeah, that really inspired our late inning rally hopes.  In any case, we died on the vine, final score 12ish-7?


* Brian pitched a hell of a game!

* Rich, Sean, Loren, that is a line up you face in Hell.

* There were a lot of really hard hit balls, but my defense did a great job of keeping them to singles.

* The knuckle ball was working, especially with Bob, again

* Rojas pitched to someone other than Greg for the first time!

* Rich hit the highest pop fly I have seen in a long time, and Duane made a nice catch, after moving his face out of the way at the last moment.

* I was warned about my pine tar use in non-batting situations, however, I still maintain plausible deniability.

* Tim was a no show, but hope that he knows that all is well and he is welcome to play

* We had a crazy double play to end a threatening inning, something like 6-4-3-4-2

* I stole a base Ricky-style, stay low, early jump, mad dog the pitcher the first 10 steps

* Right field proved to be Candyland for batters, as the fielder was completely blinded by about the 4th inning

* Gaspar's special lady friend, Laura came out to root and stayed the whole game!

* Bob got hit twice, once in the foot, one in the leg.  You know how you kill a redwood Bob, you go for the roots.

* Duane took his base after getting plunked, with the sound rationale that it "fucking hurt.".  He came around to score.  That is how the visitors scored our runs....

* Tony played 1st base, which I have never seen, and then proceeded to have about 10 hard hit liners all around him, including one that almost took his head off

* I broke my slump with a pure hit up the middle with a RBI, and a gork to right.  I also struck/foul tipped out on the best pitch to hit that I had all day, still not sure how I didn't get all of it.  Nice pitch Brian, and even better catch Bob!

* Phelps doesn't think I got it in me to regain the AOY title in 2012.  Sounds suspiciously like a challenge.

* Chris had one of the prettiest hits of the day

* News from the Wild West, John Carey loves his new school, and is starting to like his horse, named Delightful.  He changed his mind after he had to ride the back up mount for a few days.  The back up's name was Moped.

* The kangaroo court will continue to levy warnings and fines for conduct ruled as off base, but I will be paying the fine to Bob personally from my own wallet, and it will be up to the defendant to make it right.  If you think its an unfair ruling, we can talk about it and see what can be done, and 99% of the time I am sure that a resolution can be found.  If you don't like it, there's plenty of leagues out there.

Same time, same place.

S. Paige

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