Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rain= Boredom= Philosophical Analysis

So I have had nothing to do on Sunday but housework and baby taking-care-of.  And it ain't looking good for this weekend either, but I am not going to lose hope quite yet.

In perusing the past few posts, I noticed that this particular shot speaks a lot about the MBC game, and wanted to point out a few of them... because what the hell else am I going to do?

1. Greg pitching- He hasn't done as much of it lately, but I love the sight of him on the mound, working the inside (that's his secret if you haven't figured it out yet.), and ready to throw 19 innings if needed.

2.  Mitch in Center- Where he belongs yes, but his posture is great cuz he looks like he is sort of nonchalantly standing there, and yet we all know he is capable of tracking down balls in either gap.

3.  Sean at 2nd- I love the fact that we can have a lefty at 2nd base, flying in the face of 170-ish years of baseball experience.

4. Satch's bat- Billy Martin is rolling over in his alcoholic grave  Not to mention the obscene 3 inch choke, which is how I manage to not break my bat and sometimes actually get good wood on anything inside

5. The balls behind the mound- Smartest way to keep the game moving, always interesting when they get hit with a come backer.  I wish we had good enough memory's to just leave our gloves in the outfield when we came in, like the old timers used to do.  But I imagine the first week we did that, we would lose about half the players gloves and the other half would have ankle injuries.

6. Dee Dee in the outfield- Our little furry game mascot and 2nd resident ball magnet.  She and Bob should have a contest some time.

7. The weather- It doesn't happen all the time, but some might argue that a nice sunny day in SF is about as close to perfect as we can get.

8. Johnny's cross-step walk as the pitch is released- We all know its tiresome to be all tense and bouncy with the secondary lead.  Johnny is exhibiting the more sophisticated MBC secondary lead.

9. Style- Everyone in the picture is wearing stirrups or hosiery of some sort.  That's awesome.

10. Baseballers of the Future- Out in deep center.  We love it when little kids watch our game, it is great to see how excited they get that baseball is actually being played and they are so close to it.  We have also never had a problem with kids on the field, softball practice on the other hand.....

Yep, we sure do have something pretty special here in SF.

Rain, Rain, go away, or at least rain early in the week and then dry out....

S. Paige

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Lefty Phelps said...

I spent some time analyzing this photo myself. It is a classic moment captured on film. Glad you were the one up to bat.