Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/8/12- West Sunset

Well, it looked like a good game, and I sure wish I had been able to play.  I knew the odds were stacked against it, but a guy has to hope, and with the rain and the missed games, I was raring to get whatever I could.  That ended up being me and the lil' guy watching a few innings and then disappointing my team by bailing.  It was the first weekend that Mrs. Paige had left me alone with Kid Satch, we had made plans to meet at the ballpark, but at some point, she came to her senses and realized she didn't want the family reunion to immediately become watching me play baseball after being gone all weekend....in theory, I can't say I blame her....in theory.

Highlights (that I witnessed):

* Duane made a dandy play at first

* Nick attempted to make a dandy play at first but missed Mitch

* DJ Greg and Sean were pitching

* Scott had a nice rip for a double

* Sean made an amazing falling off the mound play, that got the out, and managed to not hurt himself in the process of falling, landing, twisting and throwing

* Nice to see Elvin, Hank, Scott, Jeff, Richie, Lattig, Daniel (who unfortunately went to Cop Field first) out after a long absence

* Happy Birthday to Nick Smith, who turned 84, 48,  68, 58? this week!  Amazing that he is still faster than all of us!

And then I had to leave.

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