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4/29/12 Big Rec

Satch is out with new house-related anxiety issues, not sure when I will be able to make it out again, bu know that my heart is there every Sunday at 3.  Thanks to JT Tiemann, for this weeks write up!

It was a rare perfect day at Big Rec -- like last week, but without the fog.  The throwback teams that had the field before us finished their game in time for us to warm up, and we started eight-on-eight.  Bob and Wilson showed up in the top of the first, so we were a perfect 18.  Greg took the bump for the homers, and Sean twirled for the visitors.  Greg started the game with a bang, bouncing the first pitch off Richie's helmet.  Richie answered with a base hit, and we plated a classic Garcia run, plus one more, to go ahead 2-0 after half an inning. 

Sean started strong, and after about three we were ahead 3-1.  Defense was pretty solid on both sides most of the day, and the visitors inched a little further ahead before the home team rallied back on a line drive just outside my limited reach, followed by a popup just outside that same reach, followed by an E-3 on a throw from Richie at short.  Sean just smiled and dealt, however, and limited the damage to two, with a little help from questionable base running.

Dennis made his appearance around the fifth inning, but that was more or less all right because at least one home team player had to leave around then, so the sides stayed at nine.  About that time one of the spectators started asking about the game, and when Johnny had to leave, he came into the game.  All we know about him is that he might or might not be Dutch, and he showed off a pretty good arm from right field.  In his only at bat, though, Sean jammed him and I was able to redeem myself a little bit by catching his foul popup.  We'll forgive him for playing in plaid shorts, though -- he didn't know he'd be playing, and Lattig wasn't there anyway.

Sean and Greg continued to swap frames, and by the top of the ninth the visitors were ahead, 6-3.  Top 9 was one of THOSE innings, this time for Greg.  We batted around, and the only thing that kept me from making the last out two innings in a row was that I came to bat with only one down.  We sent 10 to the plate, scored five, and left two.  Sean finished his complete game with a flourish, and we ended 11-3.

Highlights -

* Sean and Greg each pitched a complete game

* Both pitchers had a bunch of strikeouts

* Every time I came to bat Greg really needed an out - and he got it

* Pretty solid defense all around, especially in the outfield

* We turned two lineout double plays, one on a catch by Daniel at second and the other on a catch by Wilson in right.

* Thanks to Adam, Bob, Gaspar, and Ed, who caught

* Note to baserunners:  if you're on third with one out and the infield is back, you're scoring on a ground ball to the right side.  You owe Nick an RBI.

* After lobbing rainbows from third during between-innings warmups all afternoon, in live action John Nero picked up a slow roller and fired a perfect strike to me at first to nab a fast runner.

* There were at least two triples, including one by Sean that might've been a repeat of his previous mom-powered performance if we’d have been at West Sunset.

Here with a late addition is Mike "The Shift" Gaspar, thanks Mike!

  It was a great day for baseball at 7th and Lincoln.  The old tyme players were just finishing up when the MBC started trickling in.  Although they were drinking beer from aluminum cans kept cold in plastic coolers. How authentic is that?

  After a quick warm up we were ready to start with eight players aside. Bob and Wilson came after an inning making it a good old 9-9 game till Dennis showed up in the middle innings.  Greg S.  took the hill for the home team and Sean Paul for the visitors.  And that was only hurlers for the day as both went the distance.  How’s that for old school?

  Richie, the first batter, set the tone for the day as he got hit in the head by the very first pitch.  But he shook it off and got a base hit again, how's that for old school?  After yours truly got an infield hit, there were a few more knocks (not sure by whom) and the visitors tallied two runs. 

    Meanwhile Sean, although he did not have his best stuff, managed to keep the homers at bay using his defense (Ed in left, john n. at 3rd) and some timely strikeouts to keep he homers at bay.  The visitors tacked on few more.  And somewhere in the middle innings the score was 5-0. The homers broke through, but Sean and his defense kept them from having a big inning. 

  It was a tight game as both pitchers settled in.  The score was 5-3 going into the top of 8th. Then the visitors erupted for 5 runs, and is often the case a few "harmless" errors led to a big inning with Sean and Brian Phelps providing the big blasts.  Needless to say the homers were deflated and went easy in the bottom frame save greg's two out double.  Final 10-3. 

* Daniel’s collision at home with Adam.   Again, old school!  We’re just as tough as those old tymies.

Same time, same place next week.

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