Friday, October 5, 2012

9/30/12 West Sunset

An Amazing day for baseball, the A's were not yet the champions of the West, but were well on the way.  The sun was shining, the field and the mound were in great condition, and we had 20 hardy souls out for some Sunday baseball.

Classic match up of Sean and Satch, and we dueled it out for a good 6 innings.  A low scoring affair for both sides, as we relied on solid defense and the occasional strike out.  Sean was resplendent in his high school uniform, a cunning ruse, as it blinded all those who gazed upon it for too long.  The teams were fairly evenly split, with some new guys filling on both sides.

Neither team scored a run fora while, and we visitors finally did get on the board, it was through some old fashioned shitty fielding, in true MBC style.  Loren provided the pop to score the runs, dropped ground balls provided the runners in the first place.  The sun played hell with the outfielders all day, but more about that later.

The homers notched their own rally, and we were tied at 2 going into the home stretch.  Sean conceded the horsehide to Tony Rojas, who was mixing it all up, side arm, top arm, underarm, arm and hammer, you name it.  Satch stayed in and battled through, helped by more than a few sub-10 pitch innings.

In the 7th, we took the lead, and started to get excited about the prospect of a close win.  Our team had started to unfocus however, missing a throw down in warm ups was the shift in momentum, from there on things went down hill.

The Bottom of the 9th however,  the wheels came off of our defense, and we watched as the homers strung together a rally created from a strong double by Chris, and about 5 missed out opportunities, mostly foul balls that we couldn't get to or couldn't see.

Winning turned to losing as the homers swept us aside and took the prize for themselves on a glorious sunny day, Final 4-3.


* That fucking uniform

* Bob got hit in the leg, when Tony's side arm went sideways

* Adam's dink over the drawn in infield was perfectly placed

* The knuckleball was really working

* Satch went K-Mitch in the 3rd, barehanded a play at first, well, if you look at my hands, they are basically as big as a baseball glove anyway

* Thanks to Nick for the pics

* The new guy in right made some great plays

* Tim came out for the first time in a while, and wore his MBC uniform!

* We almost completed the 4 out inning

* Visitors really hustled to beat throws all day, which was one of the reasons we scored any runs, our hitting was not spectacular

* Milo did a great job of bouncing back from getting smashed in the teeth with a baseball.  Theo did not understand what the problem was....

* We had a nice line out double play, started by Duane

* I finally got back in the hitting mood, with a double and a crazy hopping single that hit the lip and changed direction by a good 40 degrees.

* JT's car took one for the team, our first MBC casualty, feel free to contribute to the JT Windshield Relief Fund.

* Just a great day of baseball, thanks to everyone who came out

S. Paige

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