Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1/13/13- Camp Swampy

Finally a game, and what a game!  With the icy winds and cold snap, it was a toss up to see if anyone was going to show, but sure enough, the MBC came out in droves to the tune of 26 palyers for Sunday's match.  First we had to kick some league guys off, who said they had a permit, but the "guy" who "had" it was mysteriously not there.  "He" never is, it seems.  So they took off, after some stalling.  And Camp Swampy ws ours.  The field is in great shape, by the way, hardly can be called Swampy anymore.

It took a little back and forth to figure out who was on what team, but I think we managed to figure it out by the middle innings.  Satch started for the homers, having been itching for a start in quite some time.  My tardiness of late has kept me from being the guy on the bump, relegated to right field without warm ups.  Well, I got to warm up on Sunday, and it felt good.  The three layers of shirts felt good too.  It was warm in the sun, but that was the only place it was warm.  The first inning saw an anomaly, as Chris Powell made 3 errors at SS, more than he has made in the last four years!  Our team was definitely shaking out the cobwebs, and before we knew it, we had given them about 6 outs, and the visitors had scored 3 runs.

Will started for the visitors, but a nagging shoulder kept him from a long stretch, but he kept us close. We got a hit or two, got on the board and the game was away.  Trying to remember who needed to sit out and who was on who's team was a constant conversation, but the atmosphere was light, everyone happy to be playing ball in the new year.

The game saw a lot of back and forth, Phelps came in for Will, then Daniel, then Mitch.  I lasted 6 innings before giving the pearl over to Johnny, and felt really good the whole time.  The fastball was moving, the knuckleball was filthy, the gravity ball was doing its job.  I even managed to get Gaspar out on three pitches, something that I don't think has ever happened before.

Somewhere in the 5th I mentioned that I had not been on the winning team in quite some time, and lamented that it wasn't looking good for us, as we were currently in a 7-3 deficit.  Snyder chided me (rightfully so), and by the next inning, we were only down by two.  Eventually, the bats for the homers woke up and we took the lead and never looked back.  We played an extra inning to make up for the extra people, but it was fairly uneventful.  And it was getting cold(er).  Final 10-7.


* Good to see a big group come out, thanks to Bob and Greg for keeping us legal in Parks and Rec.  Give them money when you see them....

* Return of Robin, who managed at least one hit, twice on base and a run scored! Keep coming out!

* Daniel almost made an amazing full out diving catch in left

* I threw a knuckleball to JT that I wish I could frame and hang in my living room....

* Bob didn't get hit until the 10th, but hit he did get.

* Greg and Tony each had some real nice hits

* Loren got onto the ballot for 2013 AOY for 2 things!  1.) Hitting the runner, Robin, with a thrown ball from center to third.  Unintentionally, we hope. 2.) Forcing his girlfriend to sit and watch the whole game, while she slowly froze to death.

* I managed to 3 hits that all went between 3rd and SS.

* Jay might have had a 1.00 OBP for the day

* The sun by the end of the game made it impossible to see anything from anywhere

* Double (triple) play!  We got a flyball catch, to 2nd for the no tag up, then to first.  Unfortunately, there was already one out.  Still pretty awesome though.  We got another double play of the 4-6-3 variety!

* There was almost a collision at first between me and Robin.  No one wants that.

* Ed's family showed up, Theo resplendent in the awesomest Seals Tball jersey ever made.  We all want one.

* Jon Mcg made a great play in the hole at SS

* John Nero muscled up a long drive to left center, as did Adam and Bob

* Defensive Gem of the Game- Johnny, from the bump, tracking a pop up in the infield, in no man's land behind the mound, goes full over the shoulder snare, with a flourish.

Great game.

S. Paige.

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