Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2/3/13 West Sunset

Here with the recap is Ed "Mr. RBI" Sidawi, Esq.:

A couple of weeks ago, for some unknown reason, the powers that be decided to start the game at 11 AM. I suppose it was because the sun wouldn't be at such a terrible angle in the late innings, or something. Turnout seemed light anyway, maybe people were hung over? I can’t imagine a good reason not to play baseball on such a beautiful day, around 65, sun shining for a change, soft breeze.

                Eventually we had 14 and sides were taken. Greg started for both teams. Well, a Greg. New Greg returned, he works Sunday afternoons and the early start allowed him to make it to the first 8 innings. New Greg went a few, then Sean and eventually Johnny for the visitors. Greg pitched all nine, naturally.

                With 7 on 7, the players for both teams took a position and pretty much stuck to it the whole game. The familiarity with one spot did nothing to improve the defense. Neither team could hold a lead. Mission style. Seriously, every time one team got a few gift runs, they would be re-gifted in the next half inning.

                By the 9th, the homers were up 12-9 (I think), but a late surge had the go-ahead run either at the plate or on first for the visitors. At that point Tim hit a gapper to right center that John McG ran down to end the game.    
                We called it a day after 8 ½ because the game was official and since you assholes thought that nachos and bud light were more important than a baseball game, we each got 8 at bats and that was cool for us.

Final 12-11. (Or so)

*Aiden and Liam handled right field duties for the homers. Hitting cutoffs (take note everyone) and running down everything hit their way.

*Aiden almost ended the game on a high pop up that went in and out of his glove.

*Duane, the second batter of the game hit an inside the park HR to center.

*Jimmy “two-times” hit 6 doubles (plus or minus) and almost took one of Greg’s feet into centerfield on a line drive up the middle.

*John McG made a highlight catch in center and a few other routine plays there. We will make him an outfielder yet.

*The pink bat succumbed to a Johnny Bartlett inside fastball. I have no idea what I am going to use now. YOU ARE NOW ON NOTICE, I WILL BE USING YOUR BAT.

*Will was prompt and worried that he got the time and field wrong because apparently none of us can be trusted to be on time before 1 PM.

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