Thursday, December 19, 2013

12/8/13 Big Rec

The chill was in the air and 14 of us squared off.

All were impressed Phelps arrived with Hawks in town. Powell grabbed the mound for the Homers and Greg for the Visitors. Chris was as sharp as the breeze going 5 strong with 2 or 3 Ks and no runs. Greg was equally sharp giving up just one run. The Homers scored a second run with a sac fly and the game was over in under 2 1/2 hours. Mitch closed it out for the homers. Seems like Mitch and Chris are the new 1-2 punch. Defense and good pitching kept this one low. Not one ball was hit over an outfielders head.

• Good to see Tony as all played with heavy hearts for Dee Dee.
• I made the best play I've ever made in the infield. Grounder up the middle, to back-hand flip to Mitch covering second.
• 9 innings at second base by a lefty - 0 errors - phew
• 3 AOYs all played on one team, seems like a theme
• Nero played a great 3B while filling in for the other team
• Lattig wore pants!
• Since this is so delayed, I forget the rest

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