Thursday, May 28, 2015

5/16/15 SQ Giants vs. MBC

This isn't going to be a long write up, cuz the game really sucked.  Or more to the point, we really sucked.  We felt strong, we got in on time, but we could not for the life of us, get a hit or catch a ball.  The Giants pitcher threw the whole game, and under any other circumstances, we would have been able to hit him and hit him well.  But not this game.

Satch started for the MBC, threw two decent innings and then the wheels came off in the third and the Giants never looked back.  They had three or four extra base hits in a row and for what seemed like the whole game, what wasn't a hit, didn't get caught.  I bowed out with the score 8-1 after four and gave the ball to Sean who did a much better job of settling down the hitters. 

Jon McGrath had our lone RBI on a hit to the opposite field.  Great work John!

That's about it.

Didn't bother with a picture, and we sure need our manager and lucky charm Johnny Bartlett out again, we did a poor job playing rudderless.

Final 10-1.  Ouch.

S. Paige

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