Monday, November 7, 2016

11/6/16 Cop Field

Here with the recap is Abe Zuckerman, third baseman, spray hitter and expert bunter, and your friendly neighborhood tax lawyer.  When you got money, and Uncle Sam wants it, talk to Abe.

Homers: Greg, Bob, Tony, Nick, Sonny, Brian, Mitch, Sean, Abe, [missing 1 player]
Visitors: Carter, Randy, Chris Powell, James, John McGrath, Mike [missing 4 players, somehow]

The stories of the game were Carter on the mound, and the visitors' bats running wild.  Carter started for the visitors and threw a no hitter thru 7 (with only two errors) before giving up back to back base hits to Sean and Abe and then getting out of the inning without giving up any runs.  I believe the final line was Carter pitching 7+ (8?) scoreless innings and facing 2 over the minimum.  Powell then came in and closed it out.  I don't believe the homers scored.

Greg started for the homers and from the first inning gave up hit after solid hit. Both Sean and Tony pitched in relief but the visitors were hitting solid liners and long fly balls off them too.  A couple errors in the field didn't help matters.  With Carter blanking the home team things were quickly lopsided (8-0 or thereabouts) by the third or fourth inning and it stayed that way.

Aside from the crushing offense and pitching of the visitors, a number of good defensive plays were made on both sides, including:
- John snagged a line drive hit above his head while over at first base.
- Chris dove to his left at short and caught a very hard hit line drive.
- Sean pulled a Willie Mays while playing first, on a ball popped up down the first base line.
- Abe made a sliding catch ranging to his left in center.

Final Score: 10-0 or thereabouts, which doesn't seem that bad, but it was an absolute thrashing by Mission Baseball standards.

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