Thursday, February 16, 2017

Late Postings of Pictures from the MBC

I have been sent some pictures lately that I have not got around to publishing, so I thought I would do so now.- S. Paige

This is the rally hawk, from a game at GGP.  For those who don't know, there is at least one resident hawk at the fields at 7th and Lincoln, who is not afraid to swoop down and snare a gopher in the midst of a game.

The next is the Goat Man, who has been seen several times at GGP, walking his goat.  Some old-timers say if the goat looks at you, you'll never get another hit.

This is the victorious team from July 2016, outside San Quentin.  If I remember correctly, we walked most of our runs in, but hey, that counts as a strategy.

And here is a classic example of Abe's new single-out, step by step.

Step 1:

Look he's all raring to go, strong stance, awaiting the pitch

Step 2:

Racing around first base, he can smell the double, he knows he hit it hard, Carter is looking all slump-shouldered, why shouldn't he have the extra base?

 Step 3:

Uh oh, why is that ball so close all of a sudden, that's isn't supposed to happen?  Well, let's see, if a object is moving at approximately 10 mph towards a target, and another object is moving in the opposite direction, from a slightly greater distance,but towards the same target at approximately 50 mph, which object will arrive there first?  Abe, you're a smart guy, which one is it?


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