Monday, September 13, 2021

9/12/21 GGP *SHUTOUT*


So much for the end of our GGP run.  Back at the same field, the temperature slightly warmer for the first part of the game, and then the fog really rolled in and it was right back where it has been all summer, cold and miserable.  The game on the other hand, was great, if you were on the visitors team.

Sean Paul completed a 9-0 shutout, full stop.  It was a pleasure to watch a master craftsman at work, even though it was my team. 

We had our chances, and Satch threw 8 innings of decent ball, but it was not to be.  I don't feel like I was serving them up, with a few exceptions, but the runs were steady and regular as milking Bessie.  Sean was just not able to be touched, we went down in order at least 4 of 9 times, and a lot of what got us base runners was errors and hustle.  Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear he eats you.

I will take this moment to highlight that our team turned 5 double plays!  Some the old fashioned way, some on line drives, either way, it is probably the only reason the score was not 16-0.  Cap tip to the homers.

In addition to his pitching performance, Sean also had a deep drive to right center, along with The Big Blue Bomber, and Mitch, who was trading doubles.

We could never really get anything started, our biggest threats were always with 2 outs, and that is no way to rally.  

Final score: 9-0, visitors.


* The battery of Sean and John McG, complete games for both of them, awesome day!

* Thanks to everyone that swung at the knuckelball

* Nick W. almost broke me with foul balls on his at bats

* Don made a long running catch in left that robbed us of a chance

* I had one hit I can be proud of and one that I got on base because the 3rd baseman tripped over the infield grass.

* I counted about 6 dink hits into left that all fell 3 feet in front of Bob, maddening

* Carter was out with Charlie, who I think we should have had pinch hit....

* Urano was our play starter for most of the DPs, and also threw a lights out 9th.

* With a few exceptions, every hard hit ball we had went directly to some one

* JT came within 6 inches of a great 2-out knock

* I almost lost a shin to Mike Lattig come backer, luckily I was able to dodge it

* Scoops from Nick S. and Adam at 1st were on display

Thanks to all that played, it was great to have 19!

S. Paige

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