Friday, September 16, 2022

Late Post- 9/7/22 San Quentin A's and MBC

 Here is a game recap from several players on the latest SQ exploits:

Mike Lynch

Sean pitched great and we were winning by one in the last inning but they made a little charge and beat us by a few. We had some good hits but our D and pitching seemed to be the biggest plus. They had a few plays (lucky) that made the game turn around. Chris smashed one to left and the guy threw up his glove and got it. It would have scored two at least. Still fun but looking for a win on 10/1

Sean Presley

Kool Aid shut us down in the first inning even with some decent contact and Mitch leading off the game with a walk. First SQ hitter on with a single, second hitter(new catcher) goes deep on first pitch SQ 2-0 no outs first inning, seemed an ominous opening. Ended up getting out of it, bottom of our lineup set the table and turned the lineup over and we put a 5 spot on Kool Aid in the 2nd. SQ added a run on a solo homer by Jesse the CF, his first in SQ(he made me sign the ball after the game). I forget when or how they got the next run but going into the bottom of the 6th we were still up 5-4. I think after the 2nd inning SQ brought in Wiley(?) to pitch and he was throwing heat and shut us down except for the occasional walk or dink or doink. We had Mitch on 2nd and me on first in the 5th or 6th with nobody out and Mitch broke for third, had a great jump and Chris fucking smoked a ball to left but the LF’er made a great reaching play and tried to double off mitch with a jump throw but Mitch was able to just beat it out and nothing came of that charge.

Bottom 6, light is leaving us, i think we all knew it was probably going to be the last inning. I think they were sending up their 9-1-2 batters(or 10-1-2 i think they might have been batting 10 yesterday). I was kind of on a different planet at this point so i don't really remember what or how everything happened but i think i got the first guy out, their leadoff man(forget his name but he was the first baseman and was apparently drafted out of high school by the diamondbacks and one other MLB team) was the thorn in my side all day as i couldn't keep him off base and he stole every single base when he was on. Was able to strike the catcher out which at the time felt huge. I think Brandon in his last game was able to tie the game with a hit, a high popup to medium deep right field into that sketchy walkway/warning track area right before the tables and our right fielder from SQ, Trevor, couldn't get it. With Brandon on second was able to get two strikes on the LF’er and we were battling. I threw an elevated fastball above the eyes and he somehow went up and destroyed it to center scoring Brandon as  what we all assumed was the winning run. We hadn't discussed it before the inning started and after that hit coach Steve asked us what we wanted to do. I said if you have guys that want to keep hitting i was happy to keep pitching so we played on and true to MBC form whenever we suggest that we play extra baseball we always regret it, its always one toke over the line. They ended up putting up three more runs to make the theoretical score 9-5. We tried hitting again against Wiley and failed and called the game after the top of the 7th i guess. Im gonna call the hit in the bottom of the 6th a walkoff and say final score SQ A’s 6 MBC 5.

Don had an amazing game too, a couple past balls that he turned into throw-outs when the runner tried to advance as well as a big 2 rbi hit. Called and caught a great game, really wish he wouldn’t call for me to hit the batter after i get them 0-2 though

Like i said i think i blacked out.

Don Kreppin

Yeah that's my bad. I just love beaning inmates & indeed it was the 1st inning where i drove in two with two outs & the bases juiced.


& in fact i did go for burgers & beers afterward

Chris Powell

I'm pretty sure we got 2 in the first and 3 in the second. Never being behind in the game until the last pitch.

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