Monday, January 5, 2009

2009, a new year, the same game

So we weathered another holiday time, and ushered in the first game of 2009. In between Xmas and NYE we managed an abbreviated game, in the form of Caracas 5, a game from the old days. However, this past Sunday was a tip to the harkened old days, 19 players, and a day full of sunshine.

I am happy to say that Mr. Paige as well as his match on the bump, Noah, threw complete games to open this year, and crafty they were at times...however it was a team effort as usual.

Particulars aside, it was a ground ball kind of day, and I was happy to see everyone of them. The days off were nice for the shoulder, but the back is still on vacation I think, or at the least, still suffering from a holiday hangover.

Highlights of the game:

-Six double plays attempted, four achieved for the day

-A great catch when I needed it from John Carey, keep it up!

-Noah's slider change that managed to screw me and Mitch up all day

-Greg's digs of wayyyyy too many balls in the dirt

-Gaspar, for providing the scouting report and going the extra distance

- Adam, for showing up after another time under the knife, and managing hits and a amazing defensive play

In the end though, it was just another Sunday, in the never ending season.

A side note to all those involved:

Remember when playing that we're all out here for fun, if your aggressiveness increases the chances of injuring a player and inhibiting his ability to make it out next Sunday, chances are, it's too aggressive.

Get Well Soon Johnny!

Yours Humbly,

S. Paige

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