Friday, January 16, 2009

Dedicated to Dave J, Richard, Peter, Pete, Ezra and Kyle

The game itself was some sort of monstrosity, I really hope that the division playoffs weren't the cause of the low turnout, but we did get to invent yet another game. We are calling this one Havana 6, since it is no where legal, but a lot of fun....

The dedication goes out to all of our Midwest and East Coast ballers in arms, who are currently freezing their spikes off in what is one of the coldest snaps that the country has seen in a while. The real point is that while we sympathize, we played a game on Sunday, misshapen though it was, in blue sky, 65 degree weather. Sorry, but its true. Now the frustration at only having 12 guys not withstanding, anything better than that is tough to argue with.

You get more exercise when there are only 6 guys on a team, something that is missing from a normal baseball game sometimes, and I have to say that 2 outfielders are able to track down most of what goes out there, even when one or both of the outfielders are on your team.

If it wasn't for some new blood, we would have been really screwed, but a crafty lefthander showed up and pitched a gem for a few innings, and then had the wherewithal to bow out before the arm went snap. We look forward to more outings. Yours truly threw 3 solid, and is happy and sad to say that my knuckleball career might have peaked. Tony got a knuckleball of mine, for a called strike three, I might add, that danced like Fred Astaire on a frozen pond (just to bring the winter analogy full circle.) Noah and Mike also pitched in a solid effort, and Tony threw six, which was a season high I think. Sure the score was in the 10-3 range, but did I mention that I was in short sleeves for the bulk of the game?


A warm day in the sun....I'll leave it at that for this week....maybe we'll see a few more of you this week.

To all the East Coasters, when you're ready to give up this winter nonsense, we'll have a position waiting for you.

See you in the sun,

S. Paige

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Ezra said...

Oh yeah, just rub it in why don't you. For the record today in NYC was almost warm enough for game if there weren't still snow on the ground, and if we had tried. Which we didn't.
So there.