Friday, April 3, 2009

Player Profile #7- Peter Van Schaik

First off, let me say that I miss Peter. A lot. Peter was another of the original 17 Reasons guys. 17 reasons was the big sign that used to stand above 17th street and Mission, and was the Coit tower for the original ball clubbers.

But I miss Peter. Did I say that already? Before Satch showed up on this motley scene of players, Peter hurt his shoulder, and had relegated himself to second base for all times because the throw from anywhere else was not going to have any style or English on it. But he could nail that second base throw like nobody's business. And his defense was awesome, he had awesome range, and he could knock something down and look balanced while he was doing it. We had some good times as a double play combination. By official baseball etiquette, I nor any other 6'6" player, should ever be allowed to play shortstop. But I do. And by the way, I do just fine. Its a ground ball, I can do that. But Peter and I could used to have some really good conversations (which bothered Greg) but he was supposed to be focused on pitching.

Man, I miss Peter. For a man of moderate stature, he used to hit the piss out of the ball. He used a huge bat, and he had one of the quicker swings I have ever seen. He could hit it anywhere, and it always looked like he knew exactly what he was doing the whole time. He had one weakness, a weakness for doubles. I wish I could say I made that up, but I stole it from the Baseball series...And he could talk shit about it, in a funny way, and then back it up with action. You gotta respect that.

You know who liked the Yankees? This guy Peter, that used to play with us. He sat on a throne of fandom that only true Yankees fans can, his theory was no matter how bad the Yankees were, who had the most championships? Who ruled decades of time in the MLB? Yup, those guys. But he wasn't a dick about it. So there was that. The first time I played, Peter was out there, scrapping, dodging, weaving and burning rope, which I was happy to see. Good that someone else still kept alive the old traditions of the national pastime. I like traditions.

Whatever happened to that guy Peter? Oh yeah, so he moved to South America, and then Connecticut. You know, the usual story. He's got two kids and a great wife, which are all awesome, well, I met two of them, and they were. He's an actor too, and he grows a hell of a mustache. Rumors swirl sometimes about a visit. Haven't been able to nail down a visual, but he's probably floating out there somewhere. I hope to see him again one day. He knows where and when we play.

What's that smell?

S. Paige

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