Monday, April 20, 2009

A Sweltering Day in the Park

Unfortunately, ol' Satch was roped into matrimonial social duties on Sunday, and had to miss the game in the GGP. My heart was with the team, but my ass was where I was told to be. I must say, however, that the Bernal Heights backyard BBQ and chilled wine were exquisite. The guest summary this week is provided by one Mike Lattig, who is a natural prosist and witty to boot.....

The Game:

Big turnout at Big Rec on the hottest day of the year. 22 ballplayers overall by the time Ryan showed up in the 2nd. Lots of new faces and a game that seemed as long as it was hot... So none of us minded sitting out a couple. On to the game...

After an orderly top half of the first, the home squad quickly jumped on Lefty Sean for a few early runs. Some blamed his short, three-inning outing on the Shotwell pants and lack of Elephant Ears (dangerous to change up tradition, although somewhere the baseball fashion police are probably sighing with relief)... Others surmise a little bit of tired arm combined with tired outfielders is what got him. Either way, he was followed to the mound by another lefty, Brian, who didn’t fare much better. He blamed that on the Bocce Ball and red wine from earlier in the day (wait until Bay to Breakers). Then another lefty (newcomer Rob) came on to see if he could stymie the home 9, once again with mixed results. The revolving door of runners was finally stalled in the 9th by the lone righty and most surprising pitching appearance of the day, as Vivek took his maiden turn on the bump, throwing strikes and getting outs (Nice work Vivek, how did the curve ball fare? Next week I'll show you the forkball...)

At the end of the day, those four were no match for one man—Noah. He once again kept the opposing squad baffled for nine innings (which in that heat was a monstrous feat) with his patented mix of well placed fastballs, change of speed and late movement. Combined with a defense that all seemed to be playing their natural positions (sure-hands Bartlett at 3rd, the Hose at short, Nick at first and Greg behind the dish), it was too much for the visitors to handle and the home team cruised to victory.

At the end of 9 grueling 90-degree innings, the home-squad prevailed 15-7. (or somewhere in that neighborhood. We had stopped counting somewhere around the 6th)

Some additional highlights:

* Mitch absolutely smashing two balls into/over Left Center. Then being humble as always about it.

* Multiple double plays for the home squad, off a combo of line drives with runners in motion and the traditional 6-4-3 route.

* The emergence of Gaspar as a power threat thanks to a new leg kick he picked up from the WBC. Others may soon follow suit...

Next week promises to cool off, and it will be interesting to see if turnout cools off with it... If you all are half the players you claim to be, we’ll once again be locked and loaded with two full squads. And I imagine old Satch will be back on the bump, this time with his good heat...

Just so I don't feel so bad, here's an addendum from Kvoriak, who also missed the game:

I was playing kickety-kick ball with 5 through 7 year olds at Malcolm X Elem. in Oakland.
I went 4 for 4 with 3 homeruns. Those kids are even worse than you guys.
See y'all soon I hope.

So that is how she fell out this week. If you have additional highlights/ lowlights, let me know and I will add them on. Anyone want to play a game today, the weather is right and I am temporarily unemployed....?

S. Paige

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