Monday, November 30, 2009

November 22, 2009- Moscone

It was a tough one, at first, and we started the game with 13, doing the Caracas 6, borrow two, two outfielders. And not too bad frankly, then Sean and Zach showed up and made the whole thing legit.
Satch started on the bump, did alright, thanks to a newly crafted infield at Moscone which made a huge difference. No more falling off the mound on the follow through. And talk about true hops, that is one terrific redo.
But the story was not with the field, it was with Greg's arm, which gave up one hit in the first and then settled down and did not give up another until 9th, an amazing pitching performance. It was doubly amazing that Greg has not pitched in a while, and all of sudden he throws this gem.
Backing his play were some great defensive plays, and it was his game all the way. I had to leave in the 7th to go to a sound check (which was a waste of time...)so I missed the exciting conclusion. Once again, Greg was the center of the action, and so it is only fitting that he tell it:

Leading off the 8th Zack hits a ground ball to short that bounces off a sprinkler head then steals second. Next batter hits a
weak nubber that I proceed to throw down the first base line, one run
in. Sac fly for run 2. With the shut out gone, Sean comes in for a
clean save. We tack on a few off Rojas with the standard help from his
defense. Although Sean did launch a long homerun. Final score about

So that's how it finished, amazing day.


* Greg gets it all this week. Congratulations

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