Monday, November 30, 2009

November 29, 2009: Balboa Park

Heavy in turkey, gravy, liquor and other things of vice, the game was surprisingly quick and sharp...well mostly. 20 solid players, another amazing day, and solid pitching by Dustin and Sean, and a extra inning before the sun set at 4:30 (damn it gets dark early).

Holidays are the great, but man do they take it out of ya, Satch was running on ethanol, stuffing reserves and stale sunflower seeds by the end, but it was a good game. Sean and Dustin both pitched great ball, and the score was close, 1-0, 1-1 through the first couple. Mitch manufactured the first run doing what Mitch does well, which is leg out balls, steal bases and run hard.

A slightly better hitting team and some costly errors brought visitors out front to 3-1 ( or 4, never did resolve that extra run)and then at some point in the 4th or 5th, the wheels came completely off, added insult to injury and by the time anyone could figure it, the score was in the 12-1 range. Sean missed being hit at least three times on comebackers, and we had two groups of three singles that went to the exact same place. The homers could not get a clean play, and the runs just kept coming.

In the visitors corner, we relied on Dustin's hungover magic and TWO nifty pickoff plays at second courtesy of Satch and Dustin. Both killed the runner in scoring position and gave us two outs, and might have been the difference in a closer game.

The game out of bounds, we all loosened up and enjoyed the remaining light, played an extra inning with Greg and Satch coming in for the 10 inning and were headed to the showers before the cold settled in.


* Dustin, great pitching. Hitting, not so much...

* Elias steals home, and damn near beat the ball to the plate, wasn't even close.

* Tony had some nice plays at short, knocked down the tough hops.

* Beautiful double play by the home team

* Tim steals third standing.

* Bob hit and hustled his heart out

* One of our balls is still lodged in the top of fence. No one wanted to climb the 80 foot fence to retrieve it

* Both pitchers and catchers made some nice plays around the dish

* JT made a long run and snagged a good foul ball for a crucial out

* Thanks to everyone who caught, it was a team effort on both sides

* Lattig played center field like a champ, playing each batter right where he should (goddammit....)

* Greg struck out on a knuckleball, Greg struck out on a knuckleball.....

* Even though Tony would argue, I don't think that the home team got hosed on any calls

* Doc got a hit, and scored! ( and almost wrecked coming into third)

Thanks to everyone who came out and made sure that we took advantage of these last days before the monsoon season.

Next week, same place same time

S. Paige

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