Monday, June 28, 2010

6/27/10- Cop Field

Another amazing day in Balboa Park and we were worried for a few minutes that we weren't going to have enough guys, but by the end of the day it was another 11 on 10 kind of game. We were bolstered by a few friends of Friends and then a couple of guys who looked like they had come to have batting practice.

Sean was back after a week off, and he and Satch decided to square off once more. The sun was warm and it was easy to keep arms loose and feeling good, Sean getting the call for the home squad. The visitors got off to a early lead, scoring two runs in the top of the first, and the homers answered right back with one, and we knew it was going to be a good game. On a day like that, how could it not be.

The visitors tacked on a few more and the visitors had a few more in their bag, and 4-3 was the look of it as we went into the fifth. And there is stayed until the visitors fell apart with the thanks to some shoddy fielding and timely hitting by the homers. All of a sudden it was 6-4 in favor of the homers and the tide had officially turned.

It stayed that way through the 9th inning, James having come into relieve Sean on the bump. Satch stayed strong for the visitors, mainly because he won't be playing for a few weeks. And then, from the bottom of the order, came a series of gorks, goofs, drives and drops, and a key throw away from Tony (who stated that he did it on purpose to extend the game) and the game was tied, it was Comeback City, baby! We then turned away the homers in the 9th with an amazing double play.

We entered the 10th at the top of the order, and the wheels came off, the visitors almost batting a round, to the tune of four runs. We smelled the victory on the wind, and Satch took the mound for one last dance. Greg started off the homers with a beautiful bunt single, but the homers were not able to capitalize on it, and a strike out ended the game. Tony pleaded for one more inning, but the teams were done and so was the game.


* Double play! Almost two!

* Mitch, Lattig and Phelps accounted for more than half of the outs or assists on the visitors team

* I hit Tony by accident, and Bob claimed that Tony had stolen his pitch

* Ritchie caught the whole game and made some great foul out catches.

* Ok, so Ritchie also got caught stealing....twice.....the second one taking the bat out of Lattig's hand in the 8th....

* Sean and James pitched a great game

* Bob and Greg absorbed some real nasty hits behind the dish, using all the gear they could.

* The fundamentals of making sure to get at least an out proved to be the difference in the game, I think

* Especially on the cop field, make sure you stop balls in the outfield, cuz if they get past you they are going to roll for a while.

* I think I got Sean to pop out to center field at least three times

* We had a little trouble with throwing the ball around, lets make sure we make good strong throws, hit your man in the chest, not limp wrist some three hopper past the your man

* While we are mentioning things, lets run out our hits, regardless of where they go

Next week is the 4th of July double header, starting at 11 am. This years venue is the West Sunset field, bring the dogs and beers. I will have to miss it this year, as I will be on a plane to the UK, don't worry though, I'll show those limey, tea drinking, scone making, Parliament having, red coat Punch and Jilly's what it means to celebrate freedom.

Happy Independence Day

S. Paige

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Damnit, Aaron, I told you NOT to mention that Ruben Rivera move in the blog.