Friday, June 11, 2010

6/6/10- West Sunset

Finally got a game in, and man what a beautiful day. The sun was out yet it was foggy and muggy, perfect Sunday baseball weather. And the people came out of the woodwork, we ended up having 12-13 for at least some of the game. Some people had to leave the game early, Satch included, and I imagine it probably got down to 9-9 by the end.

Sean and Satch squared off in a classic match and true to form, the visitors scored in the very first inning, thanks to a deep drive from Tony that one hopped to the wall at the 356 marker. We homers fought back though and made it a even game and then some. We fought forward and kept it going, the sun kept shining, and we were hot for the first time in a while. Sean was mixing the high balls with the change ups and curves. But we somehow built up a pretty good lead by the time I had to go in the 5th, somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-2. Johnny Bartlett took over for the homers and Greg came in for the visitors, and now to finish the story here is Mike Lattig with the final report:

At the end of the day, there was really only one thing to say - it's Mitch's world. The rest of us just live in it. Over the last three innings, Mitch basically turned in a five-tool performance, bringing his team back from the brink with timely hitting, heads up base running, great outfield play and the constant threat of him throwing you out on the basepaths.

Apparently you can score from second on a ground ball to second, And that whole "stop in front of the short stop to screen the ground ball and make the play hard" thing also works, as that's how the tying run was scored in the ninth. Then, in the tenth, after new-guy Manny started a rally that led to the go ahead run, Mitch locked down the one-run victory with two long-ranging, running catches in center.

Needless to say, no one was surprised. And really, no one was that disappointed. Another gorgeous day and another tight game in the books. Can we make it three straight one-run, last-at-bat victories next week at Balboa?


* Some strong defensive plays from Brian Cagle, and the rest of the infield.

* A lot of new guys, great to see the fresh meat for the grinder

* I had a base stolen, and the damn foul ball sent me back. Please people, let the ball go by, I only have one of those per game.

* Great turnout, beautiful weather, lets see another strong game this Sunday

S. Paige

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