Saturday, November 6, 2010

10/31/10- Camp Swampy

It was Halloween, it was warm after a day and a half of rain, and the field was in great condition, with the help of a little raking and shoveling. We were a little concerned that we wouldn't get enough with the World Series and Halloween, but we had 19 people for most of the game.

Johnny started on the bump for the homers and ended up throwing a complete game. Satch went to the mound, but struggled with the slippery sides of the mound and the lack of playing for three weeks. The first four men up for the homers got on base, and a few runs were scored, but we turned away the main onslaught. It was agreed that we would keep the game moving fast so that we could all get home in time to watch the Giants.

We visitors never lost the lead but it was an interesting game, a lot of baserunners and opportunities.

The game turned into a high scoring affair, with each side taking advantage of the clear day and low hanging sun. Rojas came in to pitch in the 5th, and did well, the defense calmed down and we cruised to the 9th, with Greg coming in for the save. Final score 11-8.


* Bob got hit with a pitch, leg shot.

* Elvin managed to duck from a pitch and fouled it with his bat, drop the bat with the body

* I believe the homers turned a double play

* Johnny did a great job grinding out the game

* Mitch managed to catch a line drive that looked sure for a extra base hit

* Dennis did a lot of running out in right field

* Tony cleared the bases with a monster shot to right center

* Chris brought out a new guy and I hit him with a fastball, not on purpose of course, but not the first impression I was trying for, sorry.

* Elvin also brought out a new guy who said he hadn't played since high school but he sure seemed to pick it up quickly!

* Adam showed up late and left early, what?

* We all went home and watched the Giants do what they do!

Same time, Balboa Park, don't forget daylight savings ends tonight.

S. Paige

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Anonymous said...

From SF parks and rec website monday 11/1/10:

"Balboa is still too wet to allow for play. Check back for Tuesday information."