Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/9/11- Crocker Amazon

Joyous rapture!!!!! Baseball!!!!! No Rain!!!!! Extra Innings!!!!!

First game of the new year, 2011. We collected early at the C.A. field, Johnny and I were there by 12:30, hungry and ready to go. The team trickled in, at first we were a little apprehensive, but by the end we had 10-11, so there was plenty for all. The day was warmed than we thought it would be, although when the temp dropped, everyone felt it right away.

Satch and Johnny squared off in a classic match-up. While we missed Sean, it was generally agreed upon that not having to face him was like being on vacation, the general rule being, if you don't strike out against Sean, its been a successful trip to the plate. We dueled for a few innings, with no score, helped by some great defensive plays. Mitch and Tony finally got the homers on the board and the visitors quickly closed the gap. The visitors were sporting some major league power with Loren (who hit a home run later) and one of Duane's buddies (who looked almost hit a home run later). The game stayed close at 2-1,3-2, 4-3.

The visitors tied it up on a close play at the plate, with Duane on third, he broke for home on a passed ball. Gaspar bounced on it, after it hit the backstop, and flipped it to me. I tagged high and I thought I got him, but the census said no. Ok.

Satch bowed out after 7, Greg came into mop up, and then Tony, and then Greg again. The same happened with the visitors as Brian Phelps pulled himself off the mound in the middle of the inning and Johnny came back to finish.

By the latter part of the game, Tony and I had decided that we were playing 12 innings, since the day was still young, and we had plenty of people, of course, then the homers went on a scoring spree, and by the end of regulation play, the score stood 10-4. Well all the more reason to keep playing. However, I think sometimes we don't consider that the team on the losing end doesn't necessarily want to keep watching us hit. And some of those on our own team, especially out in right field, looked absolutely miserable.

We satisfied the problem with a unique re-org in the 11th, the visitors basically got 6 outs. And within that time, Loren hit a home run and everyone on the visitors got a chance to hit again. The final was something like 10-7, but it was still light, and although some of us could have kept playing, it was decided to end the game.


* Johnny gave it his all, and had quite a few strikeouts in the middle innings. He then re-entered the game to pitch the 10th and 11th. Your are a true renaissance man!

* A lot of gorks fell for hits and a lot of well struck balls were caught, isn't that always the way.

* Double play for the homers, after a botched play, that is the way to make up for it

* Excellent heads up play on JT's part after a missed fly ball, to get the batter who tried for second

* Satch had a great 9 pitch inning, 2 curve balls and 7 knuckles. Love it!

* A not so great Satch play, I fielded a ground ball at short, neglecting to charge the ball, then had to hurry, fired a hot fastball with movement to Adam, sorry about that.

* Duane's new guy hit one that almost went out the right field corner, and another that went at least 500 feet in the air

* I asked Loren his first time up if he wanted to hit one out and get it over with. I was kinda serious, but I think I ended up sounding like a dick as I managed to get out of every jam with him, and even got him swinging on a change up. Tony wasn't so lucky.

* Ed caught a great game and gutted out inning after inning, and still had some left for a few decent hits

* Gaspar brought out his girlfriend and her cousin, Jessie, who played right field for us, and made a great assist

* Best part of the whole day, just before we started when we all knew that we were gonna get a proper game in the sun.

Marina, 1pm, be there.

S. Paige

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Duane Harris said...

Such an awesome game, hopefully this upcoming Sunday will be just as good. Oh by the way, my buddies name is Rich.